#URGENT ~ Which wild horses have 3-Strikes and who was really picked up by adopters? Who needs to be saved? #Call2Action


1.) After the BLM’s poorly publicized Internet Adoption, which wild horses have three-strikes therefore losing their protected status?

2.) Which wild horses have been picked up by adopters and who is still at risk?

3.) Who wants to save some 3-Strike wild horses?

Answer in the comments below and let’s network these wild mustangs to safety away from kill buyers’ trucks.

BEWARE: Pro-Slaughter Activist have been sabotaging our posts on Facebook and getting them deleted from groups they have infiltrated. They can’t mess with saving wild horses from slaughter on our website so let’s get to work!

FALLON, Nevada Part I :

PM FALLON Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 1

FALLON, Nevada Part 2:

PM FALLON Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 2

FALLON, Nevada Part 3:

PM FALLON Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 3


BURNS, Oregon Part 1:

PM BURNS Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 1


BURNS, Oregon Part 2:

PM BURNS Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 2

RIDGECREST, California Part 1:

PM RIDGECREST Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 1


RIDGECREST, California Part 2:

PM RIDGECREST Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 2


RIDGECREST, California Part 3:

PM RIDGECREST Who is 3-Strikes Now Part 3

Information on BLM’s 3-Strike system is here.

The BLM’s online gallery is here: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/onlinegallery.php#cat_645

Sale Authority wild horses come with title immediately.

See the empty captive pens at Palomino Valley Center where 1,800 wild horses and burros lived: https://www.facebook.com/annenovak/posts/10153713070608133

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17 thoughts on “#URGENT ~ Which wild horses have 3-Strikes and who was really picked up by adopters? Who needs to be saved? #Call2Action

  1. How did mankind let it get to this!! They should have been left wild in the first place! Greed, damn human greed!

  2. Is it just me, or does everyone else notice the similarities between how the BLM operates, and how the Nazis conducted their terror operations? 1. Ripping innocent Jewish people from their homes, destroying their lives and families. 1.Ripping innocent wildlife from land designated for them to live on, destroying their lives and families. 2.Imprisonment of victims in horrid conditions 2. Imprisonment of victims in horrid conditions. 3. Performing grotesque sterilization experiments on human victims. 3. Performing grotesque sterilization experiments on wildlife, using, of all things, a sick concoction of dead pig ovaries, classified as a “PESTICIDE”. The pharmaceutical company that concocts the vile “PZP” is thanking their lucky stars that they were able to unload that crap for a profit, after it was deemed “unfit for humans”. And now, besides all the wild horses that have already been sneakily sent to slaughter (Tom Davis?), many wild horses are now missing from the Palomino Valley facility. I smell corruption!!!! And it is growing every single day!! “3 Strike Program”? Nothing more than the “BLM” going through the motions of trying to make themselves appear like they are doing things, by the book. Which of course, they are. Not by a long shot.

  3. All of these mustangs should be with their families in their designated herd areas as provided by federal law enacted unanimously by Congress. Yet corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have circumvented our law and these mustangs now find themselves not only incarcerated through no fault of their own but have permanently lost their homes and families and are now at extreme risk.

  4. Why doesn’t a horse trainer take some in and give them the basic training and then sell them for profit? Can the BLM send more to the East and South East so they are more accessible to people in that direction? Can the BLM match a mustang up with prisoners, to start the taming and handling process to make the mustangs easier to adopt? We need more solutions to make them more easily adopted and out of there.

  5. What’s the status of 7036 from Fallon?
    I’ll save her if she wanted adopted/is sale authority; I’ve been looking for a mare

  6. Someone bid on her here: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/horse.php?horse_id=8711 If they did not pick her up then she would be available. Please email BLM to verify that she has been adopted and has left the facility for her new home. Feel free to CC us (Contact@ProtectMustangs.org) on your email. If she is picked up is there another mare you would like to save?

  7. This wild horse is listed as having one bid. Things change and people sometimes change their minds. Please email BLM to verify that this mustang has left for their new home. If not and if the adoption fell through the wild horse will have another dangerous strike!

    This horse is currently at the Corral Facility in Ridgecrest, CA. For more information please contact Grant Lockie at glockie@blm.gov or call 800-951-8720.

  8. Extreme risk of slaughter after seeing the bozos in Washington begging to control wild horse population when they are severely underpopulated!

  9. Uncanny. Michael Blake, author of Dances With Wolves, RIP mentioned it several times.

  10. I seen 2 or more of these horses on last month internet adoption, and they where at a good money mark around 300 to 500 .where they not pick up bye the winning bidder? I would like some answers please and how can i get one or 2 of them to me in Arizona ,

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