Why isn’t BLM telling us where they took the #wild horses? #SecretMoney #HorseSlaughter

What’s really going on?

Today a BLM staffer tells Anne Novak, Executive Director at Protect Mustangs, to make a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request to learn what BLM has done with more than 1,500 wild horses and burros in the captive pens at Palomino Valley Center, Nevada.

Be sure to read Outrage over secret documents planning to kill or slaughter 50,000 native wild horses  

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

3 thoughts on “Why isn’t BLM telling us where they took the #wild horses? #SecretMoney #HorseSlaughter

  1. How do I go about asking for this information? Just writing and asking for this information could take Washington weeks or months to get back to me. What exactky should I ask them for? Documentation from BLM holding at Palomino Valley? Should I call? When I do write about issues, they send they usual form letter back…..blah,blah, thank you for writing, and never hear another word. Makes me more angry. Maybe we need lobbyists?

  2. Freedom of Information request? You gotta be kidding. Where do they get these people?

  3. This is illegal, is it not??? They act like they can do anything they want with our horses, no matter what we say!

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