West escaped slaughter

AWHI WY14 West Foal April 24 2016 FB
West was pregnant when the BLM rounded up the wild herd at the request of the Wyoming Livestock Board. The whole herd was auctioned off in Worland to the kill buyers from the Canadian SLAUGHTERHOUSE. They were taken to the slaughterhouse yard. Shortly afterwards the transports to slaughter began. . .
The paint mare, known as West, was too heavily pregnant to legally transport across the border to the slaughterhouse. Her unborn foal saved her from death. The slaughterhouse workers would send her later–after the foal was born.
Everyone else in their herd over the age of 2 was sent to the Canadian slaughterhouse and slaughtered for human consumption abroad.
West’s stallion, who she loved very much, was slaughtered and the rest of her family was too. Even though West was kept back at the yard she felt their terror when they were all killed and slaughtered.
Grief consumed her.
Please HELP West and the WY14™ Herd with your tax-deductible donation so they can stay in the safe place on 300 acres of bio-diverse pasture. Please share their monthly fundraiser too: https://www.gofundme.com/MustangPasture8-16 Board is due every month.
The WY14™ Herd sends you so much love for helping them. ❤️
With gratitude,
Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director
501c3 Non-Profit Organization TAX ID: 464516347
Mission: The American Wild Horse Institute is devoted to the education and preservation of American wild horses.
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Berkeley, CA. 94705

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

3 thoughts on “West escaped slaughter

  1. Does your organization actually own any land, that is a safe haven for horses/burros? Or are there plans in the future for this? thank you, Mary Rey

  2. Many rescues do not own land the horses rescued are pastured. Be careful about those who persuade by hatred, by pro-slaughter versus horse rescues.

    We in rescue and advocacy deal with many crazy or unscrupulous individuals, and logical solutions and all their idiotic behavior, is simply pro-slaughter jargon that has been ongoing for quite some time.

    Often, the major problems that wild horses do face, constantly, is not only the BLM, but people that are easily manipulated with hate, or rhetoric, or even simplistic nonsense. You are either the problem, or you take part in the cure. And, in reality, no one can do anything about stupid, or being stupid — and that is what hate and animosity is in reality — stupidity combined with insecurity!

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