Did you join the group requesting Nazi-like sterilization experiments on pregnant wild mares?

© EquineClinic.comn shared for educational purposes

© EquineClinic.comn shared for educational purposes

See the list of sterilization activists who are asking for sterilization experiments on wild mares below

A group of Pro-Experiment activists on a Bureau of Land Management (BoLM) support Facebook page called Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1446611602254365/) , have asked the BoLM to experiment on wild horses. They wrote a letter calling for the Oregon sterilization experiments. They also asked for PZP to be used on the more tame herds. Pro-Experiment activists in their group signed it. Pro-Slaughter activists signed it too.

If you have “joined” their group–just to watch what this treacherous group of Pro-Slaughter, Pro-Experiment, Pro-Livestock, Pro-Pesticide PZP activists, BoLM employees and supporters, etc. are up to–know that they count all their group members as people supporting their agenda for sterilization experiments on wild pregnant mares in Oregon and elsewhere.

Recently one of their admins boasted, “We have 2,000 members . . . “.

We were very shocked to see The Cloud Foundation board member, Linda Gresham Hanick, vocal in the Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions group but since this group not only pushes for sterilization experiments on pregnant mares but also pushes for Pesticide PZP–like the Cloud Foundation who calls and partners with BLM for Pesticide PZP–we understand why their board member might be there. (http://www.blm.gov/style/medialib/blm/mt/main_story.Par.31432.File.dat/TopStoryHorse.pdf)

Hanick seems to have been also a vocal member of a group Facebook shut down for Harassment and Hate Speech targeting our volunteer executive director, Anne Novak who created the Forum on PZP for Wild Horses & Burros on Federal Land (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ForumPZPWildHorsesBurros) educating thousands of people on Pesticide PZP. Novak is against experimenting on wild horses, against horse slaughter and a strong advocate for wild horse freedom often quoted in the news.

I Hate Group Reviewed by FB and Closed screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.29.26 AM

Many of the signors of the Ovarian Ligation and PZP letter were active members of a public group Facebook shut down for Harassment and Hate Speech targeting Anne Novak. Keep in mind Novak and other members of the Alliance for Wild Horses and Burros have been speaking out against the experiments since they announced them.

We have evidence of members of the Hate Group engaging in stalking, harassment, hate speech, etc. plotting to interfere with Anne Novak’s work, Protect Mustangs‘ mission as we as the mission of The American Wild Horse Institute, care of the wild horses rescued back from the slaughterhouse known as the Wyoming 14™ (WY14™) plus others and evidence of their plot to smear Novak’s good reputation and more.

Below are the names of the members of Logical Solutions who signed the letter calling for sterilization experiments on pregnant mares:

Proposal of Ovarian Ligation
By Sandee Force on Monday, August 24, 2015

From: Members of Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions

To: U.S. Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Council

Re: Population Management of wild herds on HMAs

The members of the Wild Horses, BLM and Logical Solutions have spent time considering potential solutions to the ever increasing number of horses and burros needing to be removed from the range held in both Long Term Holding and Short Term Holding. We feel that a two pronged program would both greatly decrease the number of animals needing to maintained in this manner and allow older mares to live out their lives on the range.

We would like to suggest that ovarian ligation be put into an immediate test program in at least 2 and preferably 3 herds using herds that are widely watched and recorded by regional photographers. Our suggestion would allow for mares that are old enough to have had at least 4-5 foals accessed at gathering and removed to the closest holding facility to do ovarian ligation by a veterinarian who has experience in this procedure. We would suggest that working with the state veterinary school located closest to each facility would be the optimal way to get young vets trained on this procedure and to potentially hire vets specifically for the program from this pool of trained professionals.We realize that standard policy would normally be to spend a number of years doing in pen trials with horses that would be scheduled to go to LTH. We feel that this can be bypassed by using herds that are currently being observed and by training the photographers to record information on these mares that would give accurate information about how they assimilate back into the herds. We would like to suggest that along with the ovarian ligation all fillies 3 and under be given PZP and allowed to be more mature at first foaling.

To summarize our proposal as accurately as possible, allowing for changes needed by region or herd.

1. Two to three test herds be chosen that mares will be brought in and those 3 and under be given the correct dosage of PZP for their age and mares that are of an age to have 4-5 foals on the ground have the ovarian ligation procedure done to at the holding
facility. Those mares that are operated on can be held for an appropriate period for recovery at the facility to document reaction and to ensure proper healing of all incisions before being returned to the area that they were captured. Any foals that are under weaning age should stay with the mare in the holding facility and be release with her. Use a
small hip brand to designate ovarian ligation for observation purposes.

2. Any mare that shows a major genetic defect or has thrown multiple foals with genetic disorders should automatically be put into the ovarian ligation program no matter what the age.

3. Train photographers and volunteers to work with the USGS and Universities to properly document range interaction of both the mares who have been given ovarian ligation and those fillies given PZP. Video and photographic documentation of herd/band interaction would be ideal. It is imperative to have USGS and at least one University involved in both
documentation and study of the effect of ovarian ligation on herd dynamics and the health and well being of both, mares and foals as well as the local bands that they belong to.

4. Document the short and long term consequences of ovarian ligation on the mares, i.e. heath, longevity, and acceptance/position within the band. Note if the mares are removed from the bands and act like bachelor stallion bands.

5. Within 3 years if the results of the test herds are good expand to other BLM managed herds with the goal to cut down on required gathers to once every 6-8 years.

6. Look into the possibility of darting with PZP every 2 years to expand the time young mares have a chance to mature before starting to foal.

The goal of this plan is to decrease the rate of population growth on the range.
In conjunction it would allow these older mares to stay on the range without adding to population growth until their deaths and not have to be gathered and shipped to Long Term Holding Facilities for their senior years. Between the ovarian ligation and using PZP on the fillies the herd’s rate of growth could be reduced by 50% per year. This would substantially help both the range and the cost of gathering and housing the horses and burros while keeping more horses on the range. By hip branding the mares that have had ovarian ligation you would be able to gate cut those mares back onto the range at any subsequent gather and not have to haul them off the range.

Some of the herds suggested for this procedure are South Steens, Oregon; Sand Wash Basin, Colorado; Twin Peaks, California; and/or BLM HMA around the Reno/Carson area of Nevada. These are herds that have been previously documented and in the case of both Sand Wash Basin and South Steens there is photographic documentation of the herds for 5-7 years that would be available to work within this project.


Sandra Force – Junction City, Oregon
AJ Sutton- Lawndale,Ca.
Kari Masoner – Tuson, Arizona
Ana Andrick – Wellington, Colorado
Nancy Warrick Kerson – Napa, California
Kathleen T. Granzow – Genoa City, Wisconsin
Thomas P. Brunshilde – Hammond, Wisconsin
Karen Goodroad – Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Lea Erwood – Rosedale, IN.
Kathryn Shirley – Holly Springs, North Carolina
Margaret Rothauge (Maggie) Creswell, Oregon
Angela Robey – Witch Well, AZ
Tom Hool – Casper, Wyoming
Debbra Dotson Christensen – Coquille, Oregon
Stephanie Jones – Eugene, Oregon
Jamie M. Adkins – Casper, Wyoming
Lisa Sink-Sheridan, Oregon
Beverly Shaffer – Burns, Oregon
Ramona Bishop – Burns, Oregon
Shyla Creasey – Oregon
Stacey Harnew –
Andi Harmon – Burns, Oregon
Keelyn Fawcett – Salem, OR
Kimberly Omnes
Mark Omnes
Angela “Angel” Rakestraw – Dinwiddie, Va
Jennifer Gregton – Midvale, Idaho
Iris Benson – Corvallis, Oregon
Karen Landis – Centralia, WA
Candy Nichols – Poolville, TX
Christina Picchi
Bree Alsman – Sandy, Oregon
JoAnna Lamb – Boardman, Oregon
Tracey Westbury – Bellingham, Washington
Cathy Smith – Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Rhonda Chayer – Barton, Vermont
Debbie Jackson – Ellensburg, Washington
Jes Sothern – Oregon
Rex Moore – Denton, Texas
Rose Howe – Monument, Oregon
Kerry O’Brien – Van Nuys, CA.
Susan Clogson – Woodinville, Washington
Nancy Willard – Eugene, Oregon
Loretta M. Jones – Redmond, Oregon
Jennie Kreutzer – Arlington, Washington
Monica Shifflet – New Haven, PA
Crystal Cooke – Clovis, New Mexico
Christie Brown – Daphne, Alabama
Pat Garcia – Burnet, Texas
Carrie Marie Fuesler – Brownsville, Oregon
Jackie Mousseau – Clinton Township MI
Betty Forman
Kathy Tellechea – Lexington, OR
Jim Bishop – Hines, Oregon
Angela Huston – St Louis, Missouri
Mike Huston – St Louis, Missouri
Kay Hamilton – Phoenix, OR
Richelle Wilson – Hillsboro, OR
Suzanne Ganazzi – Point Reyes Station, California
Tina Smith – Sommers, Conn
Andrea Walker – Fort Worth, Texas
Jeni Adler Snyder, Oklahoma
Ash Michael – Madison, South Dakota
Ashley Lawler
Brigid Piccaro – Acton, California
Kathryn Meyer – Orion, MI
Nancy Kohl – Surprise, Arizona
Jeni Adler – Snyder, Oklahoma
Kate Bogel – Howell, New Jersey
Lara Mogensen – Ellensburg, Washington
Carol Davis – Selma, Oregon
Susan Humphrey – Hot Springs, South Dakota
Gini Everts – Eugene, Oregon 

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

20 thoughts on “Did you join the group requesting Nazi-like sterilization experiments on pregnant wild mares?

  1. Why experiment on our wild horses?! Why not the pregnant mares in a kill pen? I know, because you won’t make money off that venue. It has nothing to do with discovery. It has every thing to do with eliminating the wild horses, quietly, so you can profit. Shame on you!

  2. The sterilization of wild mustangs must be stopped…it is cruel and heartless and is totally unnecessary. There is no evidence of overpopulation at this time and experimenting on these majestic animals that are part of our country’s heritage is absolutely deplorable and must be stopped. I actually can’t believe this has even been considered, it makes me wonder about the moral fiber of this country and the people who make these decisions.

  3. People need to stop this! Just stop hurting animals! They are God’s creatures. People who think that they can make money by hurting animals are insane and crule. Let the horses live their lives in peace. Heavenly Father please give these horses the justice they deserve and the life they should be living in freedom, in Jesus name I pray, Amen

  4. It is my strong opinion that the wild horses should be left on their ranges. They were to be protected and kept on their ranges. They should not be shot full of PZP and they should not be butchard! We do not spay a domesticated horse so why would you do a wild horse? Why would you terminate a pregnancy of a wild horse on the range when it is to dangerous to terminate a domesticated horse. What is wrong with the BLM, oh yea they are trying to lower the horse population so they don’t care about the deaths. These horses just want to live free. So many years the American people and people around the world have fought to save the wild horses and burros. So much passion for them. I pray some way some how we can save them
    once and for all.

  5. Sandy Force and followers, a rogue’s gallery of fools promoting pseudo science, helpmates of the BLM and welfare ranchers in destroying our wildlife on our public lands.

  6. I am outraged at the Government for WASTING MONEY and doin such a ungodly thing to these precious symbols of freedom!! LETS STOP THIS!! WE THE PEOPLE!! OUR VOICE OUR TAX DOLLARS!!! SHAME ON YOU BLM!!!!!!!!! MAY GODS WRATH COME DOWN ON YOU SOON!!!!!!

  7. I will never understand the BLM and it’s need to destroy our wild horses. They are icons of the West. We do not need sterilization of any form whether it be PZP or any other form. These horses are sold at auction and slaughtered also. Who are the BLM they get away with this and why? I’ll tell you who they are they are a group of uncaring hateful people that make money through our taxes by doing the above things. There is no reason for it as there is no overpopulation in fact it is more that we are underpopulated with wild horses. I am sick and tired of this tl whole lot of people. This land is paid for by our taxes and it is not to be used for cattle but for wild horses. It was given to them and I demand it be given back. Very disappointed that our government has such disregard where are icons of the West the wild horse are concerned. I believe this is a heinous crime. And that the Ranchers are big part of this as they keep their cattle on the horses land of whom it was given to in 1971.

  8. soo just read all of this post?and I am not going to bash you on any of points but ..there are some things the wilds lived well before man decided they would FIX things before the drought before welfare ranchers before oil gas mining before killing off all the natural predators before the 1% decided they needed all this land being sold off to other COUNTRYS and now hmmmmm? they are living in a man made hell don’t deserve this treatment they being giving by humans the right and just treatment they deserve is to take all this money being spent and re-seed the lands build up water holes take down all the fences manage them on the land wild and free no form of birth control except mother nature. I know it sounds idealist but the blm just needs to admit what they are doing is wrong and this CAN be done americans want this GENOCIDE of the wilds to STOP

  9. Sadly, George W. Bush’s animosity for wild mustangs and burros is still plaguing the horses and burros…. sigh. He considered them “pests” and he and the ranchers are getting what they want. The actions of BLM for the past ten plus years is heartbreaking to say the least.


  10. They are on a witch hunt and that psycho sandee is leading the way. God help our poor horses. And the blm says they don’t have enough money to take care of our horses but this group wants them to spend thousands on this so called experiment. Jesus come

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  12. To those that encourage and petition the Bureau of Land Management for the sterilization of our Wild Horses and Burros……….do you consider yourselves Advocates? Advocates do not condone abusiveness such as these surgeries are, the surgery also carries a high risk of death for these mares. Do you condone them aborting their fetuses as well? Will you be there to watch them hemorrhage to death?
    Their deaths will be on your hands, Shame on each and every one of you that signed this letter to the BLM!! you are all sickening examples of uncaring, uncompassionate, bottom feeders with nothing more than greed in your hearts and minds. SHAME ON YOU!

  13. It is interesting, how every couple of years the pro-slaughter groups attempt other methods of deception to break apart the horse advocates. Ms. Force is a real-piece-of work, and her hatred for the horses undisputed, by many who know her as a pro-slaughter person. Her relationship with KB’s overwhelms any matters of decency toward horses of any type from her mind set. In another words, demanding Eugenic Sterilization as well as other abusive birth control, compounded with her relationship with KB’s and situations we know about, and very well and factual, denotes she is not a positive spirit toward horses, but more in reality a death threat, an directly involved in many horses death. Actions in this case speak much, much louder than her words —

  14. I was just recently turned on to “Protect Mustangs”, so I’m confused…I had always thought it was illegal for these beautiful horses to go to slaughter, and now the BLM wants to do cruel sterilization experiments on them. I thought we had laws to prevent this sort of thing, and that we were actually protecting these icons? I read where a Tom Davis purchased and sold to slaughter 1,500 horses and the government looked the other way. Incredible! How do these people get away with this? Have we sunk that low that it is all about the lobbyist, cattle ranchers, and the big $$ ? I feel the BLM needs to be removed from their management, and a group put in place that actually cares about the welfare of the horses. They would be the ones to come up with humane solutions!!

  15. I agree with John Cox’s words!! Well said John C, and Theresa, Nancy, Gudrun, Mae Matrini, Joan Meeker and Sheri Pedigro!!! All the above people are sane and smart and have compassion who commented, and I agree with them 100 percent – THE PART I DO NOT AGREE WITH ARE THE EMPLOYEES AT THE BLM, WHO ARE THESE INSANE PEOPLE??? CRAZY BLM OFF THE CHARTS TORTURING WILD MUSTANGS. Who gives them the rights to slaughter and butcher Wild Mares?? Idk the BLM is OUT OF CONTROL. Stop the BLM!!

  16. I read so many comments appalled at the suggestion of birth control for wild horses and yet there was no viable alternative mentioned. The are magnificent animals running free on the HMAs, truly a sight worth viewing. For almost 10 years we have been documenting several wild herds, through cold years, dry years and some good ones.
    The tragedy would be to film them starving and out of water because there were too many of them.
    Please continue to support them but keep open minds and perhaps help with possible solutions. There is no “good solution” yet but overgrazing and too many horses is a sure call for failure. BLM funding is not infinite.
    Adop a wild mustang

  17. If you believe that they are overpopulated then please go out on the public sanctuaries known as Herd Management Areas. See the truth. They are underpopulated today in American and on the verge of extinction. Put back all the wild horses. Take them out of holding pens and put them back! Solutions? They are underpopulated and need all their Herd Management Areas to be returned for their use.

  18. I thought the world promised to never allow another Holocaust. I thought we had learned from the atrocities that were committed last time. Oh yes, there is a modern day Holocaust, only with a different victim this time. This time, our wild horses and burros are the victims.
    Evil Nazis rounded up millions of innocent people and put them in concentration camps. They created Hell on earth. Sterilization experiments were performed on thousands of young women. One of the Nazis’ favorite sterilization methods was, with the aid of an electrical apparatus, to infuse a thick whitish liquid into their genital organs. This, of course, was done without aseptic care and they were given nothing to alleviate their suffering. The Nazis wanted to sterilize all non-German people so there would be no danger of new generations of , what they referred to as, “inferiors”.
    The BLM has rounded up thousands of wild horses and burros and either shipped them to slaughter, or imprisoned them in “holding facilities”. At the urging of these false advocates, whose names appear on the aforementioned letter, many wild horses and burros will be forced to undergo dangerous sterilization experiments, scheduled to last for the next 2-5 years. Pregnant mares will have their ovaries ripped out and undoubtedly, many will abort or die. Hundreds will be injected with PZP, a vile concoction deemed unfit for use in humans. Make no mistake, these animals will suffer terribly! The BLM’s actions constitute a slow extinction for our wild horses and burros. And just like the Nazi regime, they want no future generations of their victims. They are doing it this way, as opposed to immediate removal of these animals, so as to appease the American public. The end result will be the same… extinction of our wild horses and burros.
    So…I say to those who freely sign their names to that horse and burro death warrant…Be honest! Tell the world who you have decided to fashion your lives after! Don’t try to hide it! LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU ARE PARTICIPANTS IN THIS CRIMINAL DEBAUCHERY OF INNOCENT ANIMALS!

  19. It is hard to believe that supposed wild horse advocates would promote surgical sterilization experiments on the scant wild horse and burro populations that remain. Not only is this a torture to the individual animals involved, but it is a set up for taking away the wildness and natural adaptation of these wonderful herds. This is all the opposite of what the WFHBA truly intended and still intends, along with every clear-seeing and caring person who appreciates the wild horses and burros for who they truly are and should be allowed to be in this world planet Earth we share as home with them!

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