Red Alert: Stop HENRY from being disposed of

PM Fallon 3 Strikes HENRY #9847 August 8 2016

The Bureau of Land Management (BoLM) is flooding the internet with mustangs.

They are pumping America’s wild horses through their internet adoptions so BoLM can strike them out and strip them of their federal protections after only 3 failed adoptions. After 3-Strikes they can become sale eligible, like Henry,. and lose their federal protections due to a loophole created by the Burns Amendment to the 1971 wild horses and burro protection act.

It doesn’t mean they are some sort of rank mustang that nobody wants. The 3-Strikes policy is all about creating a category for disposal.

Captured as a yearling in 2011, Henry has lived most of his life in the shelterless pens with distant memories of his mama and herd in the wild. . .

Poor Henry has 3-Strikes now because he wasn’t picked like all the flashy wild horses who were adopted. He’s plain but he’s sweet and just wants to be loved. Henry is so lonely and so scared. Please help Henry #9847 find a forever home!

BLM says:

Sex: Gelding Age: 6 Years   Height (in hands): 13.2

Necktag #: 9847   Date Captured: 02/15/11

Freezemark: 10609847   Signalment Key: HG1AEAAIB

Color: Bay   Captured: Goshute (NV)


Tag-#9847.  6 year-old bay gelding gathered from the Goshute Herd Management Area in Nevada in February of 2011.

This wild horse is currently located in Fallon, NV.  For more information, please contact Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

This wild horse is available for sale or adoption with bids staring at $25.00. At the conclusion of the bidding, the successful bidder will inform the BLM if they are purchasing or adopting the animal. If the animal is purchased, not adopted, the successful bidder receives bill of sale to the animal upon completion of payment and final paperwork. If the animal is adopted, the minimum bid must be $125, and the animal is not eligible for title until the one year anniversary.

Pick up options (by appt): Palomino Valley, NV; Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK.

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized, by e-mail to Henry is available for in-person walk up adoption/purchase ONLY.

Update August 10: BLM said, “If no bids were placed on an animal in the last internet and a bidder that didn’t get the horse they choose as first pick didn’t decide to take a horse with no bid then those horses with no bids are available for pickup at PVC till August 22. After that date any remaining horses will be put on the next internet adoption. . . horses are available for pick up FROM PVC ONLY we will not ship as the truck is full at this point.”

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

16 thoughts on “Red Alert: Stop HENRY from being disposed of

  1. We have been busy working ot match adopters to BLM wild mustangs listed for adoptions. We have had a hard summer getting applications for three strike mustangs recognized by BLM offices. Donors have paid the adoption fees—so far updates are far and few in between. We need you to speak up for these horses and help on all fronts to get them safe and in a loving healing home. Each of us forming a team around each horse will be a force of good medicine coming right at a dark dangerous and death making system. Join a team today! We need every one of yuo reading our website!

  2. The above horse Henry is up to be sold by the BLM for the third time. If he is not sold this time he will be sent to slaughter this is not what I want to happen to our wild horses. I am hoping you do not either as they are the only horses that are truly Wild in this country. He is a very beautiful horse lacking what a lot of people want because he is not as flashy as an app or paint. But this has nothing to do with the fact that he is a great horse to be trained for riding and if you like to just run wild n your own pasture. I hope you will give this some thought. We have adopted wild horses and found them to be very healthy strong animals and make good buddies. Please give lots of thought to this as Henry is only 6 years old and has many years to live. Read the above for details. Thank you

  3. This is a disgrace. The BLM should not be selling Henry, Henry should be adopted and should be given more then three tries at adoption. Shame on BLM already. Enough is enough.
    I do not want my tax dollars used for this purpose Henry and all horses for adoption should be given more then three tries. Please reply.

  4. With all the money the BLM is allocated for wild horses, they should offer more adoption centers throughout the U.S. There should be at least two in every region of the US. I know there have to be more folks out there like me who would love to adopt but just can’t afford the transport to get the horse to the east coast.
    Also, this “3 strike” policy is ludicrous! These horses should be given as many chances to be adopted as it takes. I thought that our government passed a law that our wild horses were to be protected, not slaughtered! I’m sick and tired of government doing whatever the hell they please regardless of what the laws are! I don’t know how we can fix this problem though. WE have been fighting for so long and in my opinion it isn’t getting any better! My heart bleeds for these innocent souls!!

  5. The nasty BLM at work again! All they want is for all the wild horses and burros to be gone, and they don’t care what happens to them. I am sick of this. If I didn’t live so far away and didn’t have 7 kill pen rescues I would love to take him. I think he is a beauty! Please, someone adopt him. He does not deserve to go to the slaughter house.

  6. These horses should be given more time. You took them out of their herds and now you want to KILL THEM. TOTALLY WRONG

  7. Come on, that’s soo unfair…. He is such a darling… Why people don’t count animals’ lives as LIFE. ALL LIFE IS SACRED. I will share him widely hoping that he will be saved.

  8. As if it wasn’t cruel enough to keep him without shelter, in the desert, for years no less. This poor horse has already suffered greatly, PLEASE give him more of a chance to be adopted.

  9. If anyone can transport him to me in Tonopah AZ I will take him! He is a gorgeous horse!

  10. Thank you Tandra. I hope someone can get him to you. I also think he is gorgeous.

  11. Is it possible to adopt from Florida? He needs a home. Just like all the others, or remain free.

  12. Stephanie Elias Allen is there a way to talk with you or someone in your organization either by email or phone? I would like some more information on a few things regarding possibly getting Henry

  13. Stephanie, I hope and pray that you can get Henry. He needs someone to love him and treat him with kindness. He has been through enough.

  14. Its terrible how humanity can be so cruel to such amazing animals. Animals should be loved and respected, worshiped and cared for in all ways. Hurting them is a un human act. Its disgusting what humans are capable of doing.

  15. You know, being sold is not the end of his life, he would be picked up by a good family and trained by them perhaps. Just because he’s available for sale doesn’t mean he’s in trouble. We purchased 2 ourselves and I’m adopting one now that is going through the TIP. You make it sound like the purchasing of an animal is a sin. Stop, please. It’s really not a bad thing to be sold for $25.00 to someone who will care for him. He’s not being sold to a slaughterhouse.

  16. Most every BLM facility has a holding area where there are adoptable and for sale eligible horses. You don’t have to adopt to keep a BLM Mustang. You can purchase for $25-35 and keep him/her in the same type of corral or paddock. You’ll want to have them professionally trained if you can; as they are not the same as a quarter horse or thoroughbred. They are much sturdier, stronger, smarter, and more useful I’ve found. You have an immediate title when you purchase, so it’s not as dramatic as some would lead you to believe.

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