Butterball #scam for mustang slaughter

“BLM’s got those wild horses as fat as butterballs–all paid for with taxpayer dollars,” explained an anonymous source. “That way they always have buyers wanting them by the truckload.”

“If you think they aren’t selling wild horses to buyers taking them to slaughter then you’re really naive,” continued the source. “BLM just hasn’t got caught recently.”

Why are holding facilities fattening up native wild horses with alfalfa to the point of obesity and cresty necks? Aren’t they worried the mustangs might get sick and founder? Or are they just fattening them up to sell them off?


“Do you know what ever happened to the racket they were running out of Utah?” the source snickered. “Remember when they had a truckload of mustangs as fat as butterballs heading to slaughter? They were going to get busted because someone squealed.  BLM busted them to keep the truth from getting out.”

The source was referring to this:

BLM mustangs seized in slaughter ring KSL.com


Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

21 thoughts on “Butterball #scam for mustang slaughter

  1. these are wild horses and are free being’s they do not belong to any one and should be left alone it is wrong to murder these wonderful animals just so the the government can make a few bucks you are a disgrace and should be ashamed of your self’s america it seems that you have the need to eradicate all your wild life from your country you make me sick and ashamed for you stop this now before its to late and you regret what you have done STOP NOW

  2. I can’t believe we slaughter horses. So very sad! Please leave them in the wild.

  3. This is sad to read that they are allowing them to do this to such an beautiful creature. Horses are meant to be free not fattened like cattle for profit. When I read this article it broke my heart people are cruel.

  4. This can’t go on!! STOP THIS!!! Where are the decision makers–have they no compassion?

  5. The second article is from 2012. But BLM we are on to you and you can believe this. Google earth all their holding facilities. Where are OUR wild horses? We demand to know. BLM we know you have been sending them to slaughter all along. The Tom Davis thing an on an on. And your Frankenstein sterilizing bull crap. Yea!!! OUR WILD ICONS ARE NOT OVERPOPULATED!! and most defiantly not now since you’ve killed so very many. We are sick of your lies and your horror. We demand that you stop. Return what little you have back to the wild AND LEAVE THEM ALONE. THEY BELONG TO US!!!

  6. I have said for many years the mustangs would end up slaughtered. They have never had any medications so their meat is pure. I believe the BLM has planned this for years!

  7. This is a sickening disgrace! There needs to be something done now. There is enough money to build stupid stadium’s for football, let’s build some sanctuaries and do something worthwhile for a change, plenty of animal lovers who who love to help!

  8. I have looking at ariel photos from Google Earth and images have been updated. I noticed at Florence, Colorado a few weeks ago they round holding pens where full of horse’s.
    Two days ago I looked at the ariel photos of Florence, Colorado Facility the pens where empty.
    SO Google Earth is updated their ariel photos.
    Where did these horse’s go.
    There where 7 round pens packed full of horse’s with room to move or lay down.
    I feel as though the BLM has been shipping horse’s to slaughter for a long time.

  9. BLM are money whores. They are selling the horses to kill buyers and have been doing so for years now. The Ranchers are lining BLM’s greedy little pockets with bribes in order to remove the horses from grazing areas for their cattle … the inbred Ranchers do not own this land but their cattle can graze it and not the native inhabitants ?? The money from the sale of these innocent souls goes into their wallet as well. BLM needs to be on these slaughter vans bound for Mexico not the horses. I think we should March on DOI to protest the illegal and underhanded tactics of their Agency. This has to end … now. No government owns the horses nor the land, but they killed the Native Americans for it, now they are eradicating the American Icon of freedom …. OUR MUSTANGS !!!


  11. Leave these beautiful animals in the wild. They have as much right to be free as the humans that capture them! I am really mad about my taxes going to kill these wonderful animals that I love so dearly. BLM you should take action to save these horses the people do not want these horses captured and slaughtered. It’s our tax money you use to do these terrible acts of in human round ups and slaughter. I don’t want my taxes used in this way. BLM should no longer have control of the wild horse’s and burro’s. To hell with the ranchers that lease the land for there cattle. This is so wrong in every way.

  12. Our country has been corrupt over the years, but the authorities have pushed it to an self serving behavior to reward themselves for the evil that is harmful for the wild horses and burro’s. They have been like what the Indian’s have said, he that speaks with a forked tongue. They look at you and lie about what they are doing

  13. I read that Hillary Clinton make millions after Obama orders all wild horses in America killed. I would like to know if this is true for one. Second of all if it is how can Clinton or Obama say they have this country’s best interest at heart? What kind of president do we have? More so what kind do we have a good chance of having?

  14. This is a reply to Brenda D!! You need to check your source. There is no way that is possibly true. That’s also how ugly rumors get spread.

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