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Protect Mustangs joins The Cloud Foundation, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Animal Law Coalition, Front Range Equine Rescue, Int’l Fund for Horses, Respect 4 Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation to petition Secretary Salazar to replace his pro-slaughter appointee for the ‘General Public’ position on the WIld Horse and Burro Advisory Board with a non-biased person. Clearly Callie Hendricksen does not represent the more than 80% of Americans who do not want horse slaughter. She is known to be a pro-slaughter leader.

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For more information see our press release below.

Outrage over secret documents planning to kill or slaughter 50,000 native wild horses

Preservation group asks for pro-slaughter activist to be replaced on national Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Panel

WASHINGTON (February 10, 2012)—Protect Mustangs asks Secretary Salazar, overseeing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to replace the pro-slaughter appointment of Callie Hendrickson, for the ‘General Public’ position on the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board with a neutral person. Hendrickson has a history of lobbying in support of slaughter and zeroing-out wild horses. Protect Mustangs is concerned that the BLM has given the green light to plans to kill and slaughter the more than 50,000 American wild horses taken off the range as revealed in secret documents including one found on Wikileaks.

“We are opposed to BLM’s outrageous decision to choose a pro-slaughter and anti-wild horse activist for the advisory board,” states Anne Novak, executive director for Protect Mustangs. “It is fiscally irresponsible to roundup and warehouse more than 50,000 wild horses but to slaughter and kill them is a heinous act.”

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