Mustang Monday™: Ask your representative to defund slaughter today

(Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved)

Please CALL the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121; ask to be connected to your state Representative’s office. Ask them to NOT fund horse slaughter. Calls must be made today!
The House of Representatives will vote on the AG Appropriations bill tomorrow, Tuesday, June 26. A new amendment could be offered to remove the Committee-approved language that was just added back in last week prohibiting the USDA from spending tax dollars to inspect horse slaughter facilities.
America’s horses can be protected if the House keeps the defunding language currently included that prohibits inspections of horse slaughter. It’s up to us to make our voices heard today.Pro-slaughter supporters are putting the pressure on, but you can urge your Representatives to stand strong and oppose any effort to remove this funding ban.
You can also find the direct contact information for your state representative here>>
Thank you for taking action to help all of America’s horses including our iconic wild horses.

3 thoughts on “Mustang Monday™: Ask your representative to defund slaughter today

  1. We need to protect all horses including our Wild Mustangs please everyone make those calls and e-mails and msg on Facebook and write, if we have time. It is so important to be the voices of the horses that don’t have one. We are and always will be there for them. We love Horses and always will and always have. Horses are our friends, buddies, companions and there is no way we will be eating them for dinner. Americans don’t eat horses.

  2. Done. It is up to them now. Make the right choice, and do the right things. Or we all suffer the consequences…including all horses. Thank you Protect Mustangs for always making the right choices and leading others to do the same.

  3. We need to protect,the wild Mustang’s and Burrow’s,there has been enough damage to everything!

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