Exploring the object

PM Tibet Tarp 2 Wheel Barrow March 22 2013

Exploring the tarp

“Today I tied a tarp to the wheelbarrow so it would drag around and flap in the wind…

People are often surprised that wild horses, such as Tibet and Blondie, can be gentled. There is so much prejudice against mustangs that sometimes would be adopters have a hard time finding a boarding facility that will take “a wild mustang”.

Once when visiting a coastal town I stopped by a horse facility and inquired about boarding for the weekend as it would be fun to take our horse to the beach for the weekend. The manager wasn’t there, so I left my card. Later she sent me an email that was filled with prejudice and fear about mustangs. She said she had a mustang board there once who caused a lot of trouble and said she wouldn’t want another mustang there. The funny thing was I was inquiring about boarding a domestic horse but I guess she jumped to conclusions when she saw my card.

Another example is a would be adopter who deeply wanted a certain wild horse mare. She found a barn to board the wild one for gentling. A “trainer” started pecking away at her plans. It appeared to me this trainer wanted her business. Rather than encourage her, he discouraged her. Silly trainer. This woman spoke to me and it seemed that she knew how to work with a horse using her heart and intuition. Sadly the barn was not supportive enough and the whole adoption fell apart.

The moral of the story is:

1. Follow your heart

2. Listen to your intuition

3. Avoid negativity around adopting & gentling a wild horse

4. Create a positive support network on your journey with your wild horse

5. Ask for help but if it doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition and find help elsewhere.

It you want to adopt a wild horse, know that you can make it happen. Gentling with patience and love works. Be authentic with your wild friend and you will build a deep bond. Wild horses can hear your soul speak. ♥ ♥ ♥”

~ Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs