Reports from Australia that up to 3000 wild horses have been killed and they want to kill 3000 more!

PM Brumby Wild © Libby Lovegrove

Join the international outcry to Stop Killing the Brumbies!

Please tell your friends about the important Thunderclap that will shout out to Stop the massacre!!! We have 10 days left to get a total of 250 people on board to make a wave of thunder shouting out “Stop Killing the Brumbies!

Reports are coming in from Australia that 2-3,000 have been massacred and the wild horse killers want to kill 3,000 more. We will keep you posted as more information comes in. Help shine the light on this darkness. Share this information with your friends.

Evidently a huge liquid natural gas (LNG) deposit, the largest outside the U.S.A., has been discovered in Western Australia’s Kimberely, where these wild horses roam. LNG is the new export gold–selling to the Asian market for their growing electricity needs. Could the mass slaughter be connected with plans to industrialize the area into a massive fracking zone?

Help save the wild horses in Australia by clicking here:

Thank you for doing what you can do to help save the wild horses.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak

Executive DIrector of Protect Mustangs


(Photo © Libby Lovegrove, Brumbies in the wild. All rights reserved.)

10 thoughts on “Reports from Australia that up to 3000 wild horses have been killed and they want to kill 3000 more!

  1. There seems to be a global attack bent at destroying wild horses everywhere. Without the horse and donkey, mankind would never have advanced “civilization”. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude, but instead, greedy ranching and energy exploration special interests are destroying wild equines worldwide. These noble animals must be protected and preserved. Slaughtering them like this is nothing short of an abomination and goes to prove how heartless and soulless some humans truly are.

  2. It is said that the wild horses of Australia are descendants of English horses brought by settlers, just as American horses were attributed to Spanish and Phillipine horses were also stated to have been brought by the Spanish. In fact, the Spanish record states that that horses in the Phillipines were “Chinese horses” and Australia is too close to Indonesia for horses to have refused to go there before the Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene melt. History is written by the winners. Europeans wanted to claim all the horses during the animal powered age just as Europeans and Americans now try to control all the oil. The energy infrastructure investment banks are killing horses all around the globe for oil/gas fracking and shale. These horses are truly wild. Their natural history and genetics must be studied to establish a true understanding of the evolution of this magnificent, wide spread, and ecologically important species.

  3. Icons of Australia…! Greed once again drives man’s morals lower and lower. Some being shot from helicopters where even the greatest marksman can’t offer a clean kill so the wounded are just left to die a slow agonizing death.

    I used to dream of going to Australia but if this is representative of the people who live there that dream has been shattered. SHAME!

  4. The United States and Australia share a strong bond in friendship. Don’t let certain entities in Australia do to the Brumby, what certain entities in the United States has/have been doing to our great Western Icon.
    The lies will be told of overbreeding, damge caused to the eco-ystem, that by culling them thy’re actually helping them and so forth. Don’t let these lies, the very same lies that cross qeographic boundaries take hold. Don’t allow them to write the narriative of deception. Fight by whatever peaceful means you have at your disposal.

  5. Please,please stop the senseless slaughter of there beautiful , innocent horses…they don’t deserve to die like this..thought you all were more civilized than this..How wrong and disappointed I am..shame on you!!!!!

  6. Man is in the hurry to get to the end of life on this planet , killing wild horses just because they are wild , why ?
    There are only two places on this planet which wild horses live as large herds , one is in north America and the other is Australia and both these countries are killing these wild horses by the thousands , they round them up by Helicopter in America and sending them to the BLM’s concentration camps before they end up in Slaughter plants and the other one is shooting them down from the air and on the ground just because they are wild , i just wonder where we would be without horses today if they wouldn’t of carried us on their precious backs all these years throughout history , in wars , in search of food and escaping from danger helping us survive , we were the ones whom lived round the fire in caves while they lived out in the open land and they survived but now we are killing them , torturing them and paying them back , who are we ? to what end are we going ? what will be our future ? how our mother earth would be without the wild and nature in a very near future ??? from what i see the future of man kind is dark and hell , think about that for a moment and if i am right take whatever action you can for your future generations for your own sake .

  7. I know one thing and can only say “We are DIGGING our own GRAVE on this planet as human beings” .

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