Urgent call to save young wild horse from probable slaughter!


Posted on Jan 27, 2014 @ 8:38 PST

Great News! BLM’s Debbie Collins has told us Cinnamon has been adopted this morning! We are so grateful for everyone’s help sharing her info so she can be saved from getting a 3rd Strike! Congratulations to her adopter.

Posted on Jan 26, 2014 @ 13:57

We followed up on Cinnamon to make sure she had been adopted only to learn the little filly now has 2 STRIKES and is in Oklahoma!

Share widely to find an adopter so she doesn’t get a 3rd STRIKE, be sold to a kill buyer and get shipped to probable slaughter in Canada or Mexico.

If she’s not adopted ASAP then Cinnamon will get her 3rd strike, when passed over again. 3-Strike wild horses loose all their protections and are often SOLD by the truckload for $10 a head. The buyer signs a paper saying they won’t sell them to slaughter. This middleman or kill buyer sells them into the slaughter pipeline. Then the horses are BUTCHERED in Canada or Mexico while the BLM claims they don’t sell wild horses to slaughter.

Currently the Nevada Farm Bureau is suing BLM to DESTROY (kill) all the alleged “unadoptables” like Cinnamon so they can roundup more.

Here is the BLM info on Cinnamon from November 2013:

Sex: Filly     Age: 1 Years   Height (in hands): 13

Necktag #: 12618764   Date Captured: 08/01/12

Color: Sorrel   Captured: Desatoya (NV)

#8764 – yearling Sorral Filly, Star, rounded up August 18, 2012 from NV0606 Desatoya Herd Area, Nevada.

BLM says, “This horse has always been very friendly. She was always the first one to come to the fence to greet the public. Tag# 8764 has been in a pen by herself for two weeks. When we took the pictures on 9/18 she was introduced to her halter, she lipped it for a few minutes and then let us put it on her without any hesitation. She lets us brush her and run our hands down her legs. 8764 has not offered to kick or bite. 8764 is very willing to learn new things. 8764 has not been worked with a lot, she is just a very loving lil filly.”

Contact Debbie Collins to adopt Cinnamon:

Debbie Collins
BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Program
Marketing and National Information Center


Cinnamon appears to be halter gentled so her stabling requirements might be different. Normally once a horse is halter-gentled they can live with other horses in pens or barn with normal fencing and don’t need extremely high fencing. Please email Debbie Collins about this. Keeping everything written down prevents confusion and misunderstandings.

Here is the adoption form: http://www.blm.gov/or/resources/whb/files/adoption_application_4710-010.pdf

Please contact us if you are having difficulty with the BLM and if they are not helping solve potential problems. We will do our best to help create a positive outcome. Our email is Contact@ProtectMustangs.org.

Thank you for helping Cinnamon!