Slaughter lobbyists want to kill America’s wild horses

This pro-slaughter propaganda promo video for the upcoming documentary is being shown to your elected officials as an act of subterfuge to kill America’s wild horses.


The video is full of inaccuracies. Tell us what they are.

If anyone finds their copyrighted material has been used without their permission we suggest you contact a lawyer immediately to protect your copyright and take severe action against those involved.

Take back the power. Organize.  Donate to our film project because it tells the truth.


23 thoughts on “Slaughter lobbyists want to kill America’s wild horses

  1. Please leave our wild horses alone. We PAY you to protect them. You need to do your job. Let the horses be wild and free and move on to something that is tangible to the American people.

  2. I will vote solely on this subject. I understand that many things are complicated, however this subject is very simple, and completely black and white. If you make your decision based on lies and miss-truths, I can not possible ever have any confidence on your decision making abilities, or your intellectual level.

  3. Protect the Harvest is the most extreme animal abuse site on the Web.
    All they want to do is kill,slaughter,torture animals of all kinds but slaughtering horses seems to give them greatest pleasure.
    They believe in leg traps,cock and dog fighting and their as they say god and constitution right to do so.
    Lucas Oil should be boycotted by everyone who opposes horse slaugther because they are the main money source behind Protect the Harvest.

  4. This has gone on long enough. We ask you to look at WHY this is actually being done. Check FACTS extensively. Stop slaughtering for other countries to profit off of what the majority of the US tax payers pay for. Look in the mirror and ask your true self..why. We don’t eat horsemeat in the USA unless shown that we are actually. These horses deserve the best. Please stand for our Heritages of the USA.
    Thank you.

  5. I am going to let the Act speak for itself. It specifically precludes any horses – whether deemed “feral” or “wild” being transported to slaughter. Some are trying to twist the words in the act in order to make it legal to send horses to slaughter that they deem are not protected by the Act. However the Act uses the specific word “feral”, “estray” and “wild”. It states ALL free roaming horses and burros are protected. It isn’t open to interpretation. We need to be more aggressive about prosecuting anyone who steals these horses – who belong to the people of the United States. Selling them to slaughter is a violation of the Act and theft of property.

    The act has been challenged numerous times in courts up to the level of the Supreme Court, and has been upheld in all instances. Charges have also been made that the BLM has turned a blind eye to the practice of private investors adopting feral horses for the purposes of slaughter, and courts have determined that the BLM may not ignore the intent of adopters. Congress has taken several actions that affect the act by including provisions in other bills. These provisions have addressed the manner in which horses may be rounded up and the method by which horses may be offered for sale or adoption. Throughout the 2000s, the BLM has struggled to prevent the horses adopted or sold to private individuals from being taken for slaughter. (Wikapedia)

  6. Pay particular attention to Section 3 (d) Nothing in this Act shall preclude the customary disposal of the remains of a deceased wild free-roaming horse or burro, including those in the authorized possession of private parties, but in no event shall such remains, or any part thereof, be sold for any consideration,
    directly or indirectly.

    This means the animals can not be sold for slaughter. Period.

    Section 4 if free-roamiiig horses or burros stray from public
    “^””^* lands onto privately owned land, the owners of such land may inform
    the nearest Federal marshall or agent of the Secretary, who shall
    arrange to have the animals removed. In no event shall such wild
    free-roaming horses and burros be destroyed except by the agents of
    the Secretary. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit
    a private landowner from maintaining wild free-roaming horses or
    burros on his private lands, or lands leased from the Government,
    if he does so m a manner that protects them from harassment, and
    if the animals were not willfully removed or enticed from the public
    lands. Any individuals who maintain such wild free-roaming horses
    or burros on their private lands or lands leased from the Government
    shall notify the appropriate agent of the Secretary and supply him
    with a reasonable approximation of the number of animals so

    This means no one can violate the Act and the Secretary of the Interior is the only one who has the right to remove and sell for slaughter any free roaming horses or burros whether on public or private land.

  7. Section 8 – Penalties for selling wild and free roaming horses for any purpose including slaughter or causing the death of these animals. Any magistrate – shuch as a Sheriff or District Judge in the area has the right to prosecute anyone vilating the ACT pursuant to section 3401, title 18, United States Code. $ 2,200.00 and two years in prison per count. For the Wyoming 41 that wouldn’t be enough but would start to show some justice.

  8. OK…..taxpayers have had WAY enough of welfare cattle ranchers. Do they have any idea how many people they are pissing off? Time will come when our wallets (or lack of) will put welfare ranchers not only out of business but running for the hills with their tails between their legs. LEAVE OUR WILD HORSES ALONE AND ON THEIR RIGHTFUL LEGAL LANDS……welfare ranchers are usurpers on this land and we want them gone along with mining & fracking. Welfare ranchers: Think about how many millions of people you are pissing off.

  9. Stop slaughtering our wild horses. This is poor use of taxpayers dollars. The horses are indigenous and are supposed to be protected. Find a constructive use for the money and protect our land and horses.

  10. This video is nothing but pro slaughter propaganda . They even over -estimated the wild horse population( 50-100,000 still on the range) and BLM only says there are 30,000 which is too many also.
    Boyd Spradling has a definite conflict of interest IMO and should be kicked off the BLM Advisory Board. I think he’s a disgrace to the vet profession.

  11. Why….why is it so important that you have to kill off our wild horses…Their ancestors brought you in covered wagon to the west coast..they plowed your fields…they fought your wars..they are our companions…so why is you want to kill them…WHY..

  12. Simply said, the ranches don’t care about the horses…they care only to have the land set aside for their cattle. If the horses were given free range they would have enough land to graze on. Instead they are locked up in holding pens where they depend on humans to feed and water them. What kind of life is this? The ranchers have their land!

  13. This is case in point to verify what nonsense is being shoved down our throats. This is clear pro slaughter propaganda & no resemblance to the truth about wild horses and public lands. The issue that should concern everyone is the corruption within the powerful government agencies that hold all the cards, regardless of the law. I applaud Protect Mustangs for being vigilant, connecting the dots on the big picture & for staying true to putting the horses first.

  14. We have eradicated 99% of our Federally-protected wild horses. According to the BLM WH&B Advisory Board in April, we have 22,000 left — down from over 2 million. This is all about cattle and not about the horses. Here in this video are hundreds of cattle being dumped onto the same range where six wild horses were rounded up the same day and taken off of the range:

  15. We can NOT slaughter our wild horses. We are a country that does not eat horsemeat. Do NOT start now.
    Horse slaughter is cruel. Horses are a very large animal, killing them is NOT a fast process, therefore it is cruel.
    These wild horses are decedents of horses from long ago that help shaped this land.
    I think we need to honor these magestic animals. They have done so much for us. They have carried us into battle, carried us across our plains, pulled our carriages and wagons,etc. We need to care for them. How? By letting them be free on a preserve. If they wonder off, go get them. So hire horse loving people to do it. There are many of us out there.
    This is not hard. We do NOT have to be cruel. STOP slaughtering the wild horses and HELP preserve a part of our past. PLEASE!

  16. Under no circumstances should anyone have the wild horses slaughtered. They belong to me and the rest of the American people. We suspected it may come to this point, but it cannot go any further. The inhumanity, greed, and pure gall! All of the people of this great land, not a few heartless, uncaring, irresponsible individuals are in charge. Leave the wild horses alone!

  17. Of course there is always the devil in the room! wild horses were there way before somebody found out that the meat industry is a money making business and these horses are cheap. The first WHITE men did this by trading the horses, blinded and tied to each others tails…and this is not different only bigger and more dangerous. These people do not hesitate to do the utmost to get to the money, even slaughter the last wild horse! these people should be displayed on internet, so that we know the faces of the devil, please get rid of these people. POWER TO ALL ANIMALS, so that we can have a peaceful and sane world .

  18. BUY land, more land than any stupid rancher and get the horses there and give them a safe life. Somebody must be smart enough to safe the wild horses now so that we might have a life museum one day and look at herds of bisons! and herds of wild horses! and for once the money is well spent!
    USA has loads of room, also for horses. Do not round them up in pens, round the ranchers up in pens and make that they by law can only have x acres and ot MORE and MORE…and shoot, kill, poison anything that spoils their toy: money

  19. All the horse’s n the corral’s look healthy. They are fat and you don’t see any bones showing. How ever the very few pictures u have are of single horses that are obviously starving. One would think maybe The BLM would want the public to think the horses where starving? Does the BLM really have concern for the horses or do they possibly have other interest?

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