BIG NEWS: Baby SPITFIRE Born out of the WY14–saved from the clutches of slaughter!

PM Spitfire 2

Welcome Spitfire!

Baby Spitfire was born out of a miracle rescue. Her papa was brutally slaughtered shortly after 41 wild horses in Wyoming were rounded up in the March 2014 BLM stealth roundup and were quickly sold off by the WY Livestock Board at auction to the most prominent slaughterhouse in North America–who slaughters wild and domestic horses for human consumption abroad.

Mark Boone Junior (Bobby Elvis on Sons of Anarchy) and Anne Novak found the only mustangs left alive at the slaughterhouse yard–14 young and terrified wild horses. Thanks to everyone’s prayers and good vibes they resuced the WY14 back from the slaughterhouse before they were live-shipped and turned into sashimi over in Asia. Read about the rescue here: .

Little did they know that a member of the WY14 was carrying a little treasure through all the turmoil and terror.

Please help with a tax-deductible donation for the hay drive to get a semi-load of hay for the WY14-15. They are all growing and need more hay!

Welcome Spitfire! You will carry on the bloodline that those dumb bureaucrats at the BLM thought should be disposed of. SHAME on them.

Please donate and share the Hay Drive so the rescued wild horses can meet their goal quickly. The WY14 and Spitfire thank you for helping them survive and grow strong!

9 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: Baby SPITFIRE Born out of the WY14–saved from the clutches of slaughter!

  1. Thank you Mark and Anne for rescuing these 14, now 15. Welcome to the world that you almost never saw little Spitfire. I hope it treats you well and that you see many, many years of this ol place.

  2. Welcome Spitfire! You are indeed a true miracle in a time when miracles are sorely needed. You are a beauty. You have a friend and protector in Anne Novak❤️❤️ You will be able to run wild and run free.

  3. It is truly a miracle the mare did not abort her foal through all the stress and terror she endured and Spitfire came into this world protected. It is also a miracle when a horse is saved from a slaughter yard, let alone 14! Heartfelt thank you to Anne, Mark, volunteers, and donors that rescued and continue to keep them safe and healthy.

  4. Well, how is the little bundle of spunk doing today. I cannt wait to see follow up picturws of her. So glad they are safe.

  5. Oh little Spitfire you are a gift from God. Who would have thought after the turmoil and heartache of the Wyoming 41 we would have you!! You are very special little girl and I will be watching your progress Spitfire is a perfect name for you and I wish I could put my arms around you and hold you!! Thanks to Protect Mustangs and all others involved in the rescue of your momma without her and them we wouldn’t have you. Go strong knowing you carry the blood of a wild mustang!!!

  6. You really pulled it together Anne with the Wyoming’s been a rough road for those sacred horses and their story will live in infamy and sometimes blessings come after “the evil that could have been” and this time this blessing is Spitfire!

  7. Such a beauty you are; thank God you are safe. You are cherished by many and to the BLM you are nothing……… They are wrong of course and one day soon they will have to admit that to themselves and to the rest of the world. Stay strong little one; I look forward to watching you grow up strong, beautiful, and free.

  8. Welcome Baby SPITFIRE!! You are loved! And I am very happy that you are safe now!
    These horses give me hope and horses saved my life so now I dedicate my life to saving them!! THANK YOU to everyone who is helping save the horses and THANK YOU for saving Baby SPITFIRE!!
    I may have Autism but that does NOT stop me from speaking out and fighting for what is right!! These horses have taught me one important thing with fighting for them…. Stand up and speak out and ALWAYS fight and stand for what is right even if that means standing and fighting alone!!!! And I want to thank the horses for making me the stronger person I am today!! So I am also thanking Baby SPITFIRE!!! Let you’re voice be heard what is the point in life if you can’t fight for what’s right!! I will NEVER give up the fight! The first horse who saved my life was rescued from slaughter and abuse! And he is the reason why I lived to tell the day! Horses like Baby SPITFIRE are a blessing!! All horses tho are a huge blessing we need to save them all!!

  9. Welcome Baby Spitfire, you are so cute. Like a little Spirit: Stalin of the Cimarron. I am fighting for your wild friends’ freedom, I promise you with all my heart I will not stop until all of you wild horses are able to run free. I promise, you have my word.

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