Fear of sterilization used to push PZP on free roaming wild horses

BLM’s plans for sterilization include the slow extinction drug called PZP which sterilizes after multiple use

PM PZP Syringe FB

Since 2009 and surely earlier, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has always said they want to sterilize wild horses and burros. BLM and Secretary Sally Jewell want to use other forms of birth control besides PZP even though Congress has paid BLM to let Big Pharma experiment with PZP on our wild mares for decades.

At least one pharmaceutical company was hoping to use PZP for human contraception but since it’s not safe for the ovaries and makes wild horses sterile after multiple use, it’s not ideal for a human product.

PZP, Porcine Zona Pellucida, is made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries and mixed with adjuvant.

BLM never said they liked PZP for wild horse management. The truth is BLM thinks PZP is impractical and they don’t believe it works well. BLM doesn’t want to round up wild horses every 1 or 2 years (for native PZP or PZP-22) and be bothered with drugging wild mares at the “right time” of year. 90% of the herds on public land need to be rounded up to be darted with PZP. Only the ones who are almost domesticated and let people close can be darted in the field. The feds would rather use a one shot deal to sterilize wild horses or just geld (castrate) or spay them and toss them back out to die off and not reproduce.

You might be hearing spin and rumors once again from the growing group of BLM collaborators/advocates who used to fight for wild horse freedom but who now fight for PZP. They have invested in PZP as their pillar of management. Some are applying for grant money to monitor the herds on PZP.

Their fear based spin goes like this:

  • “If the BLM doesn’t use PZP to manage population for a zero growth then they will sterilize them.” This statement is FALSE. BLM already wants to sterilize them and PZP sterilizes after multiple use.
  • “If the BLM doesn’t use PZP to manage population for a zero growth then they will sell them and they will end up slaughtered.” This statement is FALSE. BLM wants to dispose of as many wild horses as possible. PZPed mares have been seen in the kill pens.
  • “If the BLM doesn’t use PZP to manage population for a zero growth then they will kill them.” This statement is FALSEThe BLM would face a wave of public outrage and protests if they announced plans to kill alleged “excess” wild horses.

Then there is the outright lie: “PZP is only a temporary measure to use until we can stop horses from going to slaughter.” No policy the government undertakes is ever quickly undone. If BLM were to start administering PZP to all the wild mares from starting at 18 months old, then this would take years to undo. The herds’ genetic viability would be wiped out. America’s wild horses would be managed to extinction for sure.

PZP = Slow Extinction

The coalition working for PZP-based management of wild horses called The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) used Return to Freedom sanctuary as their 501c3 fiscal sponsor for donations up until 2016. It seems Return to Freedom has also received a lot of money from BLM in the past. Was that for decades of PZP research?

PZP was approved by the EPA in 2012 as a “restricted use pesticide” based on The Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS the AWHPC coalition member) application stating that wild horses are “pests” and a threat for various reasons.

The Humane Society of the United States and their wild horse partner known as The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign have been throwing a lot of money at PR and marketing campaigns to push PZP on an emotional public. At some point it’s believed they spent a lot of money hiring a PR firm to get their “PZP for human management”, #Justice4Mustangs, #KeepWildHorsesWild message out. AWHPC uses a fundraising and advocacy program for their website, alerts, petitions, etc. called SALSA. Their pricing is outrageously high and rises based on the number of supporters connected to the platform. Their website is www.SalsaLabs.org

Even the docudrama AMERICAN MUSTANG pushes PZP on their target audience. It was made by a major donor and player at AWHPC. How can they push PZP pesticide on what they say in the film is a native species? Was the footage taken at 1:02–1:08 and 2:13–2:21 of wild horses in the care and control of Return to Freedom while being boarded at the feedlot in Fallon Nevada for close to 2 years?

The truth is wild horses are not overpopulated. BLM fraudulently releases crazy population numbers to fool your elected officials into giving them more money to wipe out America’s last federally protected wild horses on public land. You can read more about that here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=8551 .

According to a press release from National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released June 5, 2013, “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) current practice of removing free-ranging horses from public lands promotes a high population growth rate, and maintaining them in long-term holding facilities is both economically unsustainable and incongruent with public expectations, says a new report by the National Research Council.”

The NAS report states there is “no evidence” of overpopulation. Only tobacco science and spin backs up BLM’s population claim to justify roundups and fertility control/sterilization.

Pm PZP Darts

Sadly BLM collaborators like The Cloud Foundation–one of the leading PZP pushing groups and an active member of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, doesn’t seem to be fighting BLM’s overpopulation myth anymore. They lost their way in 2011 when the group named after the Cloud the Stallion films on PBS seems to have abandoned the fight for America’s wild horses’ right to real freedom. It appears the Cloud Foundation and the filmmaker caved into pressure and the seduction of PZP–as being the “lesser of two evils.”

Now the Cloud Foundation is enticing their followers to speak out for PZP instead of BLM’s proposed radio collars and sterilization of the White Mountain Herd in Wyoming. What ever happened to speaking out for the federally protected yet voiceless wild horses and stopping BLM from managing them to extinction?

Wild horses want their right to real freedom. Forced drugging with PZP pesticide is an infringement on the core of wild horse freedom. It violates their right to let nature decide the survival of the fittest, who breeds and tortures the mares who will be raped repeatedly because she isn’t fertile yet comes into heat monthly.

Other groups are hoping for grant money to participate in more PZP related research.

Accepting the need for any kind of fertility control is a slippery slope because BLM and the Department of Interior will pounce on the opportunity to tell elected officials that the majority of the public wants birth control to fix their counterfeit crisis. Of course this isn’t true. The majority of the American public has no clue that their tax dollars are being used to fund cruel animal experiments and manage a wild species to extinction.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported on the Western Governors’ Association Conference in December 2015 where the Department of Interior’s Secretary Sally Jewell briefed those present on the wild horse issue:

Jewell said that by law the horses cannot be killed. The population has grown to about 100,000, with roughly half now in holding pens.

Jewell said the government will continue to work [with] birth control methods, noting that the horses are “very good at reproducing.”

“We believe that birth control is a path forward that will help satisfy people that feel passionately on both sides of the issue,” Jewell said.

No Secretary Jewell, birth control will not satisfy people that realize BLM has inflated the population data to support their goal to remove as many wild horses as they can. The public feels passionately about wild horses’ right to be protected in the true spirit of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. We don’t want them forcibly drugged up with pesticides like PZP, Gonacon™, SPayVac®, brutally given chemical vasectomies and field spaying for birth control nor do we want wild horses and burros used for experiment and research.

The War on Wild Horses

The War on Wild Horses

Secretary Jewell basically informed the governors that wild horses are overpopulating like rabbits. When she spoke about birth control she wasn’t specifically talking about PZP. The head of the Department of Interior was talking about fertility control, period.

She worked as a power broker in the oil and banking industries before her stint as CEO of REI. Jewell’s goal seems to be to maximize resources on public land for profit. Wild horses and burros can slow down profit so they need to be wiped off the game board.

Secretary Jewell cast out an open invitation for universities and Big Pharma to experiment on our treasured wild herds with an incentive grant program.

The BLM is only out for big money. The federal agency can get more money from mining, fracking, for oil and gas as well as for renewables such as massive dirty solar farms, etc without wild horses out there.

The livestock and Big Ag lobbies are strong so BLM must be sure to leave them some crumbs. That’s why the Cattlemen’s lobby feels so threatened to share any grazing space or water–not that they ever liked sharing public land grazing with native wild horses.


Links of interest:

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PZP is an EPA approved RESTRICTED-USE PESTICIDE that sterilizes wild horses after multiple use so it’s risky for long-term herd survival. See information here: http://www3.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/reg_actions/pending/fs_PC-176603_01-Jan-12.pdf

Info on PZP sterilizing mares: The Effects of Porcine Zona Pellucida Immunocontraception on Health and Behavior of Feral Horses (Equus caballus), Princeton http://dataspace.princeton.edu/jspui/handle/88435/dsp01vt150j42p

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Cloud Foundation collaborates with the BLM to drug Pryor Mountain wild horses with PZP: http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/mt/main_story.Par.31432.File.dat/TopStoryHorse.pdf

Protect Mustangs speaks out against the Cloud Foundation’s PARTNERSHIP with BLM using risky PZP that could terminate natural selection: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=4941

Wildlife Ecologist, Craig Downer, speaks out against using PZP in the Pryors: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=4178

Secretary Sally Jewell claims the majority of Americans want fertility control for wild horses:  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/homeland-security-wild-horses-among-topics-governors-conference

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Energy Think Tank calling the shots for public land: http://www.energyxxi.org/energy-works-us-0

Forum on PZP for Wild Horses & Burros on Federal Land: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ForumPZPWildHorsesBurros

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U.S. looking for ideas to help manage wild-horse overpopulation (Washington Post): http://wapo.st/1OOARTe

12 thoughts on “Fear of sterilization used to push PZP on free roaming wild horses

  1. I am so sick of people not getting involved in this because of our big news stations not getting involved.
    They must. These contents are all true.
    The American people deserve to know what is happening. A march on Washington DC must be done. We can not get the results we need without
    Using PCD. These horses belong to all
    PZP is the same as slaughter. Only slower and toxic to the
    mares. Jewel is as corrupt as they come. 60 minutes would be great to be on. We need media hype.
    MUSTANGS has been working with
    Knowledgeable people on this. The west is the wild horses and burros
    natural home. Who can think of the west and not think of these horses?
    It will be filled with fracking, and the trees will be gone . This is a plea for our wildlife along with the wild horses and burros. What happens to eagles, hawks, other birds and animals that eat a horse that dies. What happens to the people in other lands where Canada and Mexico ship them. Can you be sure your hamburger or steak is not horsemeat containing these drugs?
    I believe big money must be stopped.
    There is a sickness when The BLM and HSUS agree.
    We are all responsible as Americans. We can blame presidents, but we allow it.
    This is a great article.
    Read and digest it. Our wild horses can never be replaced. Extinction is forever.

  2. It seems only manipulative deceitful individuals would use pesticides on wild horses whose population is in decline to promote other industries
    such as the pharmaceutical industry, the cattle ranchers, etc. and all being paid for by our taxes with no accountability or oversight.

    Why is this not being labeled criminal intent and outright fraud on the American public?

  3. I have always ascertained that the horses are a climax animal, which means that they limit their own population. If the stupid government officials and their agencies( I say stupid AND ignorant as a courtesy, for the lack of what they REALLY are!) would have the intelligence and brains to realize their own thievery and corruption is the REAL reason for doing away with the horses, while all else has been red herrings and smoke and mirrors What you are doing is practising genocide on these horses! Do me a favor and do it to yourselves! Thank you!

  4. BLM is at it again. Their evil designs go far beyond human imagination. It is not a conspiracy theory. The proof is in the pudding. The evil Frankesteins that are called BLM (Bureau of Land Management) are overcome with greed. They want our American Mustangs gone so that the land the horses roam on is free to give to the ranchers for their cattle to graze on. Unlimited land, as far as the eye can see. The horses are now gone. The beautiful Mustangs that galloped through these lands are long gone. Extinct. Is that what the American people want? Hell NO! But who listens to our voices any more? BLM is supposed to hear our voices and support the American people’s wishes. But we are ignored like we do not exist. That is why the Washington crowd is hated. We do not want our wild horses extinct BLM knuckleheads. Do you hear us??? Wake up from your stupor because in the final analysis it is not the wild Mustangs that will become extinct. It is the BLM because the voice of the people it is the voice of God. BTW, did anyone see Secretary Jewell’s face? The saying is that the soul reflects on the face. And what we see on Secretary Jewell’s face is ugliness, we see the Witch of the North. All she needs is a broom to make the picture complete.

  5. Excellent trenchant expose on what has been and continues to happen to the wild horses in the wild! So wrong! We must fight the good fight for the wild horses and their natural freedom and rightful land, whole habitats for long-term viable populations that are vigorous. Remember: In the Wild, the True Vigor of the Species is Preserved! (quote from my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy)

  6. Please America , Wake Up Now! The BLM is being paid to do a complete abomination of our last Wild Horses, Wild Burros, Wolves and other wildlife!! The use of PZP is enabling them to carry on with this most evil deed, PZP is a deadly chemical, causes birth defects, still born’s, death to other Wildlife! We started out with over 2 million Wild Horses on our Public Lands but now because of the BLM we only have over 30,000 left if even that many. We do not have much time left to save our Wild Horses, Wild Burros as the BLM is right now planning to round up last the largest herds of Wild Burros, they will be shooting them up with PZP, using them for research. For crying out loud , when will we listen???? After all our Wild Horses and Wolves are all gone as more millions of Cattle will then be being released by ranchers to finish off with the destruction of all our Public Lands!! Fracking and Mining will then soon follow, there goes all our Public Lands and rivers!! We will all become be affected by this massive destruction and abomination of our Wildlife!! The BLM is already wiping out many predators, and species, there will be a huge price to pay for such ignorance! Eventually so much disease will be spread and we will not not have enough water for them to drink or for ourselves because we allowed the BLM and Cattle Ranchers, Fracking and Mining to wipe out all of our Public Lands and rivers!!!!

  7. God has given the planet earth many magnificent and remarkable wild creatures. But none is so graceful, beautiful, intelligent and spiritually stirring as the Wild Horse. So what is wrong with us? How are we humans capable of distain to the point of cruelty and brutality unto these most important of all God’s creations?

    Those who follow the liars in a stupor are somewhat forgivable. But those who lead this irreverence to the Wild Horse are betrayers. The lowest level of Hades is for betrayal. I refer to it as the basement of Hell.

    Protect Mustangs has above spelled out the whole of the truth of the betrayal. Will the truth protect the Wild Horses and Burros? May we all pray and/or affirm so.

  8. God has given the planet earth many magnificent and remarkable wild creatures. But none is so graceful, beautiful, intelligent and spiritually stirring as the Wild Horse. So what is wrong with us? How are we humans capable of distain to the point of cruelty and brutality unto these most important of all God’s creations?

    Those who follow the liars in a stupor are somewhat forgivable. But those who lead this irreverence to the Wild Horse are betrayers. The lowest level of Hades is for betrayal. I refer to it as the basement of Hell.

    Return all of the penned Horses and Burros to their public lands in good health and leave all Wild Horses and Burros unmolested in the wild.

    Management, BLM, is to see that they are cared for not brought to gruesome extinction. They are underpopulated. Just ask those not associated with your corrupted organization or the greedy ranchers who ride the range. They will confirm.

    Protect Mustangs has spelled out the whole of the truth of the betrayal. Will the truth protect the Wild Horses and Burros? May we all pray and/or affirm so.

  9. Unfortunately, the secret mandate to turn our public lands into vast oil, gas & coal fields -interspersed with millions of cattle under Bush-Cheney has continued unabated under Obama with geothermal fields, plus solar & wind farms being added to the mix of revenue generating initiatives, many of them on lands reserved by law for primary use by wild horses & burros.
    Even as their herds diminish under constant assault by all of these special interests on public lands, wild horses continue to be scapegoated for degradation of public lands due to overpopulation, by the BLM which over-counts them by at least 200% while greatly exagerating their rate of population increase -based on optimal conditions and zero mortality.

    BLM’s solution to this fabricated “population explosion” by wild horses & burros has been massive roundups which are now being replaced by large scale birth control with PZP, which results in sterilization after multiple applications. While their tactics have grown more sophisticated, BLM’s overall management program is much the same: “Management for Extinction” -only slower & less visible than before. Many herds have achieved balanced population levels with little or no “management”, but today all the $$ is on fertility control, short term and sterilization, long term, not on natural population control, because this won’t eradicate the herds as ordained by the power brokers in DC. Alas, if we don’t wake up & expose & oppose the lies & subterfuge re: the widespread use of PZP soon, our iconic, native wild horses may join blue & bowhead whales in the waiting line for extinction, -sooner than later.

  10. Thank you Protect Mustangs for articulating the bitter Truth of America’s betrayal of our Wild Horses! So incredibly tragic that so many mainstream groups have sold out to the BLM Propaganda and completed the betrayal of America’s Sacred Wild Horses much like family members turning in family members in Nazi times. Thank you Protect Mustangs for having the foresight to see the ” Slippery Slope”, for having the Courage and the Tenacity to fight for TRUE FREEDOM FOR OUR WILD HORSES!

  11. P7Z was first introduced in the state of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania state game commission back in the early 70’s and was experimented on deer to control deer populations.
    It was found after repeated use on deer that effects of P7Z left deer infertile and could reproduced .
    Pennsylvania quit using P7Z after the research and studies found that the Sierra effects damaged the reproduction of Deer.
    Anything that is designed by humans in a laboratory has side effects and long term side effects.
    Also the chemical is owned and patented by the U.S Government and there are no independent research or studies on use of P7Z

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