HELP! Final Hours! Kickstarter for AMONG WOLVES • Doc film about wild horses & bikers

In the mountains where they once fought, Bosnian veterans defend a herd of wild horses and find a new kind of freedom for themselves.

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When war correspondents move on to their next conflict, a more personal struggle is just beginning for those left behind. Poverty, PTSD, and political corruption continue to stifle recovery nearly 20 years after the brutal civil war in Bosnia Herzegovina. Luckily for some in the small mountain town of Livno, an unorthodox leader has emerged, giving struggling veterans and their community an unlikely path to healing.

A paramilitary leader at the young age of 20, Lija led the successful defense of the town while neighbors fell to the invading forces. Today, he heads the Wolves, a motorcycle club that resembles the stereotype in rough image only. Under his leadership, this wild crew has become a positive force for good with a self-defined humanitarian focus.

One mission, captures their spirit more than any other. In the mountains where they once fought, they now defend a herd of wild horses that society has similarly deemed expendable. A harsh environment, poachers, and urbanization continually threaten the herd. Stirred by their strength, the Wolves are determined to control their own fate and finally emerge from the shadows of war.

AMONG WOLVES is so close to being in theaters…the initial generous round of funding in 2013 paid for the majority of the ridiculous footage and access that makes up the film. Now it’s time to finish it… the final lap.

Though most of the team has been working free for years, happily, but we need to pay the people that get it ready for the big screen. That means post-production, color correction, sound, etc. It’s not cheap, but with your help we can make this the gorgeous, immersive, and cinematic film we’ve always wanted to show the world.

If you can’t contribute financially, please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, your blog. Every little bit helps, and we will be forever grateful.

STRETCH GOAL You might notice that our cost breakdown is $6225 more than our goal. Well, we have been infinitely lucky to have many people volunteering their time to get this thing made. And we would like to pay them something. That is the extra $6225… the rest is just all bare, naked cost of getting it onscreen. We will also have some pretty amazing stuff available for anyone that helps us get there.

Please go to their Kickstarter and donate there: