Filly down during feeding at BLM facility

PM Sick Filly PVC March 25 2014


PM Sick Filly Wide PVC March 25, 3014


Yesterday we were documenting the largest national processing and adoption facility, Palomino Valley Center, near Reno and noticed a filly was down. She was alive but down and seemed to be in distress. All the other fillies in the huge pen were eating and she was down. She tried to sit up and then went down again. We immediately called the BLM staff in the office to alert them of the situation. They said they would send someone right out to check up on her. We are still waiting for a report from BLM on her status. Check back for updates as we will keep you posted.

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They should never have been removed from the wild lands in the first place!

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Last June our investigation uncovered wild horses dying at Palomino Valley during the heat wave. Watch the Video about it here:

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