Urgent Signature Challenge: Petition for Emergency Shade for captive wild #horses & burros

Take Action to increase petition signatures.

Sample email:

Dear friends and family,

Captive American wild horses and burros have suffered roundups and are now kept in pens without shade–in the sweltering desert heat. In the wild, our national treasures can migrate to cooler zones as well as find trees or mountainsides for shade. In the pens they are trapped and must be provided for humanely. We need to bring shade to them immediately.

Many groups and advocates have joined the call for shade yet the feds are stalling. The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) highly publicized sprinkler mitigation is inadequate.

Horses have died in the triple digit heat wave since the handful of sprinklers were installed.

Using water from a few sprinklers during a drought doesn’t make sense especially when shade can be provided if the BLM will make the commitment to humane care.

Protect Mustangs has called for Secretary of Interior, Sally Jewell, to utilize the Army Corps of Engineers to bring emergency shade to America’s captive wild horses and burros.

When there are at least 50K signatures on the petition then we will go to Washington to deliver the petition to Secretary Sally Jewell’s office.

Hurry! Email all your friends the link to the petition for shade.


Ask them to sign it and forward a copy of this email on to their friends.

Thank you for taking action right now to bring emergency shade to the captive wild horses and burros.

Together our voices for the voiceless can be heard.

In gratitude,

[Your name]