Petition to STOP Mustang Road Kill

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Petitioning Mr. Ismael Garza
Install the Strieter-Lite Wild Animal Highway Warning Reflector System in Nevada on Highway 50 E. and Other High Strike Areas

From Julie Keller:

Save Wild Lives by stopping tragic dusk to dawn wild horse and other wild animal-vehicle collisions! The reflector system is the most effective method of preventing these collisions with a 78% – 90% prevention rate stopping 4 out of 5 accidents that would otherwise occur. They reduce an estimated 800,000 yearly wild animal-vehicle collisions. Please go to for further information and statistical analysis based on extensive road test data. The reflectors are eligible for 80% FHWA funding under the TEA-21 hazardous elimination fund. They were successfully tested on Highway 50 E. in Northern Nevada for three years (2003-2006) then removed to widen the highway. NDOT was not able to replace them because they were inadvertently destroyed. Now many tragic accidents, especially with wild horses, are happening again. Due to their success in preventing these collisions, they need replaced and also installed in other high strike areas.

Please contact the Nevada Department of Transportation at (775) 888-7087 or email Mr. Ismael Garza, Assistant Chief Traffic Operations Engineer, at

Thank you.

(Note from Protect Mustangs: Highway 50 E has the Pine Nut wild horses on one side and the Virginia Range wild horses on the other)