Adopt a wild horse today in Santa Rosa

Adopt a mustang ~ find a friend.

Adopt a mustang ~ find a friend.

47 wild horses were brought to the Santa Rosa adoption event at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Only 9 were adopted Saturday so there are plenty of nice wild horses to choose from today.

The event goes until 5 p.m. Sunday so you can still make it out to find your wild horse. We suggest taking a pair if you can, because then they can buddy through training and their new life.

The mustangs are from California’s eastern Sierra and across the border in Nevada near Burning Man.

These wild horses make great riding horses for all disciplines. They bond with their people in a unique and deep way so you have a real friend for life.

Here’s the sad part of the story: Most of these horses probably came from Palomino Valley Center (Sparks, Nevada) or Litchfield Holding Facility (Susanville, California). After being at these adoption facilities they acquire one strike when they leave and go to an adoption event. If they are not adopted at the adoption event such as the Santa Rosa event then they will have two strikes against them. If they went to another adoption event before Santa Rosa then, when they leave this event, they would have three strikes and can legally be sold for $25–even the young horses. Kill buyers pick up cheap horses, fatten them up and sell them to  slaughter for a big profit.

Adopt a living legend of the American West and save it from an unknown fate.

Contact us if you need help going through the adoption process or for trainer referrals.