Breaking News: Celebrities speak out against roundups & Old Gold’s death


"Old Gold was traumatized and killed," say the Barbi Twins. "Stop the Calico roundup now!"

Michael Blake and The Barbi Twins speak out against wild horse roundups 

Do the death counts dupe Congress?

LOS ANGELES (November 28, 2011)—Academy Award winner-Michael Blake and the Barbi Twins join the American public and Protect Mustangs in their outrage over the death of Old Gold, a palomino wild mare who was euthanized by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) after being rounded up. Cat Kindsfather’s photos were released on the Protect Mustangs website showing the traumatized wild horse slammed into a metal panel at the trap, yet the (BLM) reports the mustang was euthanized because she was more than 20 years old—with a lack of body condition and worn teeth.  The BLM counts Old Gold’s death as ‘not gather-related’. California-based Protect Mustangs believes the horse’s death is roundup-related and must be counted as such. They want Congress to be informed and taxpayers to know how their money is spent. Protect Mustangs asks the Obama Administration to freeze all roundups now, end inhumane treatment of wild horses and burros, save taxpayer money and conduct an exact head count on the ranges to know exactly how many treasured wild horses and burros exist in the wild.

“Old Gold was traumatized at the trap and slammed into a metal fence where she surely was injured,” explains Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs from Berkeley. “Congress hears about a 1% death rate at roundups but how can that be? BLM’s accountability is in question now that the agency lists Old Gold’s death as ‘non gather-related’”.

As of November 27th, six deaths have occurred at the Calico roundup. Five were listed as ‘non gather-related’ deaths—including killing Old Gold. Only one death has been classified as a “gather-related” death, according to the BLM death report.

“Killing the wild mare, Old Gold, is nothing new. The United States government has allowed its BLM and other agencies to kill animals forever . . . just for money,” states Michael Blake, Academy Award winning screenwriter of DANCES WITH WOLVES.

BLM must correct its policy to insure that the welfare of wild horses and burros is considered above the contractor’s payment per head for each animal rounded up and delivered to BLM.

Protect Mustangs is requesting transparency from the BLM about the amount paid per wild horse (adult and youngster) and at what point is the horse considered “delivered” for payment. Also they want to know if the contractor gets paid if a horse is euthanized after “delivery”.

“American taxpayers don’t want to pay for animal cruelty,” states Novak. “We don’t want wild horses and burros to be traumatized, injured and killed at the hands of our government. We want the roundups to stop now.”

Two winters ago BLM rounded up Calico wild horses in what was the deadliest wild horse roundup documented. Of the 1922 mustangs rounded up, more than 158 deaths are attributed to the roundup.

Protect Mustangs is concerned the 2011 Calico roundup will virtually wipe the wild horses off the half a million acre landscape near Gerlach, Nevada where Burning Man is held. They are circulating a petition to stop the Calico roundup.

“If it weren’t for horses, we wouldn’t have a country or a flag,” say The Barbi Twins (Shane & Sia). “Why can’t there be laws to protect them, like there are for the flag? Horses are living beings. Their blood’s been used to make the red in the red, white and blue, as you can see in the forthcoming movie, WAR HORSE.”

The wild horse advocacy group asks Congress for a full investigation into deaths at helicopter roundups and resulting from roundups 4 months after capture.

Protect Mustangs is a California-based non-profit whose mission is to inform the public about the mustang crisis, protect America’s wild horses on the range and help those who have lost their freedom.

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 Media Contacts:

Anne Novak 415-531-8454

Kerry Becklund 510-502-1913

Photos, video and interviews available upon request.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Celebrities speak out against roundups & Old Gold’s death

  1. BLM, you are SOB’s!!!!! I have a 14, 18, 22 (blind) and 36 year old seeing eye horse for the blind one..shame, shame, shame on you, you lie to the public, and you ruthlessly murder these horses.

  2. Jar (Jean Albergt Renaud) is trying to unite all horseman to save the Mustangs and America’s youth at the same time. He is on on nov. 29th that will air on clear channel WBZT (AM1230 in Palm Beaches) and Live Around the World!! 6:05pm- 8pm EST!!! PLEASE tune in tomorrow evening and call in with your questions and to show your support for this at 561-844-6167 or toll-free from anywhere to 1-800-889-0267. The Mustang has a purpose, we use them to save kids from ending up in the system or worse. Join us. If you cannot get the channel to hear the show please call in to see how you can hear it or get a copy. Mustangs are helping our Veterans returning from overseas to adjust from the conflicts of war. Please join us in this fight to save our “American Treasures, our youth and our horse.”

  3. i am so discusted with the blm and our government for rounding up these horses and now mr .obama has signed into law it’s legal now to slaughter horses here again in this counrty,and us tax payers have to foot the 5 million bill for foreign owned slaughter houses here in this counrty, it’s not what i want my taxes to fund!! 2008 mr. obama promised he wouldn’t kill our horses ,now he signed it into law. so much for promises!! shame this country is going to hell!!!

  4. What has happened to our country? Thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs are being murdered every day and now you you be bored with the small animals and decided to move on to something larger! What can we kill and shed even more blood? How about deer? We can use our rifles or even our bow and arrows and possibly make them suffer even more! Tired of deer already?? Great, bigger, more blood, more suffering, let’s GO!! Get those wild horses!!!! You people are so sick, perverted, and twisted, your not even human beings anymore. If you weren’t so repulsive I would almost feel sorry for you. You are no better than any serial killer that walks our streets. Go to your Doctor, get a prescription for some Prosac or anything else that will knock you on your a– and leave our wild horses alone. They were here before you and will be here long after your gone. They are something to be proud of and believe me, that is more than I can say for any of you HORSE MURDERS. May you be trampled upon!!

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