WY14 are being scammed! Help them get hay

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

URGENT ALERT: We have been told there are other sites on the internet who seem to be fraudulently asking for donations for the 14 young wild horses (WY14) Protect Mustangs rescued from the slaughterhouse.

We believe more than 100K people have been directed to donate to the wrong website . . . and as a result, the WY14 are being scammed. We noticed donations for the WY14 decrease dramatically after their first 45 days in California.

As of August 17, the WY14 moved from a layover ranch north of Reno to another ranch in northern California. Protect Mustangs has always paid for their hay, vet and their other costs made possible by donations. The previous ranch was authorized to have a GoFundMe to pay for $600. a month board for 2 months, then we paid for their board until we moved them out. We are sure that the ranch where they reside now is honorable and not asking for donations for the WY14.

How can some people scam on these young innocent orphans who lost their place in the world, their freedom, and lost their families to slaughter?

Because of a severe drop in donations, the WY14 desperately need hay donations right now!

Hay prices have skyrocketed. . . All the money previously raised for their hay costs since their arrival from the slaughterhouse feedlot May 26th has been spent on hay with nothing left. We hope you will understand that we need to wait to print and mail out thank you gifts because first the WY14 needs to eat. We will get thank you gifts out when we have stabilized their hay situation.

Protect Mustangs is a California non profit organization and is in the process of getting a 501c3. Your donations directly to us should be retroactive. Meanwhile we are sponsored by the Andean Tapir Fund to ensure 501c3 tax-deductible status. We receive ONLY the funds we raise for the WY14.

You can help the 14 WILD ones by donating to help buy hay on our website www.ProtectMustangs.org via www.PayPal.com to Contact@ProtectMustangs.org , sending a check in the mail to Protect Mustangs, PO Box 5661, Berkeley, Ca. 94705  or by going to this fund-rasing link http://www.gofundme.com/9xcfag . GoFundMe takes a % to use their service. These are the only secure ways to donate to feed and help these traumatized young wild horses.

The WY14 are so grateful for your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations to buy hay so they can eat and heal from the trauma of the roundup where they lost their families to slaughter. Please help with a donation today. The WY14 know you care and they are grateful you are helping to feed them.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Founder & Executive Director