Slaughterhouse survivors need help to stay in rented sanctuary

AWHI WY14 Spitfire Tara August 18 2016

From the American Wild Horse Institute

The WY14™ Herd of wild mustangs was rescued back from the Canadian Slaughterhouse yard. The need your help to live in the grassroots supported sanctuary on 300 rented bio-diverse acres for $2,500 a month.

Now that The Institute is officially a 501c3 nonprofit organization, not only are you donations tax-deductible but now we can look for grants to cover preservation program costs like this until the Eco-Sanctuary is ready. Meanwhile the WY14™ need your help through crowd-funding to stay in the rented Eco-Pasture on 300 acres.

AWHI WY14 August 29 2016

Please share the WY14™ Herd’s fundraiser: Together every dollar counts and helps this small herd of survivors.

GFM/FG takes about 10% in processing fees so the total goal is $2,760. All the money raised here goes to pay for a month of rented eco-pasture for their sanctuary housing and feeding 4 bands of wild horses. We are 100% volunteer–no salaries, no directors are paid. We do this to cut costs so all the money raised goes directly to program costs like this.

Please help the slaughterhouse survivors with a tax-deductible donation so they can stay on the 300 acres in September, continue to heal from the trauma of the roundup and slaughter of their families as part of this preservation project.

We welcome you to contact us if you would like to help create the AWHI Eco-Sanctuary for education and preservation.

The WY14™ Herd is very grateful their friends are helping them. They send you their love and blessings.

With loving kindness,

Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director

AWHI Ghost Dancer Band Eco-Pasture June 22, 2016

Mission: The American Wild Horse Institute is devoted to the education and preservation of American wild horses.

P.O. Box 5661
Berkeley, CA. 94705

501c3 Non-Profit Organization TAX ID: 464516347


WY14 are being scammed! Help them get hay

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

URGENT ALERT: We have been told there are other sites on the internet who seem to be fraudulently asking for donations for the 14 young wild horses (WY14) Protect Mustangs rescued from the slaughterhouse.

We believe more than 100K people have been directed to donate to the wrong website . . . and as a result, the WY14 are being scammed. We noticed donations for the WY14 decrease dramatically after their first 45 days in California.

As of August 17, the WY14 moved from a layover ranch north of Reno to another ranch in northern California. Protect Mustangs has always paid for their hay, vet and their other costs made possible by donations. The previous ranch was authorized to have a GoFundMe to pay for $600. a month board for 2 months, then we paid for their board until we moved them out. We are sure that the ranch where they reside now is honorable and not asking for donations for the WY14.

How can some people scam on these young innocent orphans who lost their place in the world, their freedom, and lost their families to slaughter?

Because of a severe drop in donations, the WY14 desperately need hay donations right now!

Hay prices have skyrocketed. . . All the money previously raised for their hay costs since their arrival from the slaughterhouse feedlot May 26th has been spent on hay with nothing left. We hope you will understand that we need to wait to print and mail out thank you gifts because first the WY14 needs to eat. We will get thank you gifts out when we have stabilized their hay situation.

Protect Mustangs is a California non profit organization and is in the process of getting a 501c3. Your donations directly to us should be retroactive. Meanwhile we are sponsored by the Andean Tapir Fund to ensure 501c3 tax-deductible status. We receive ONLY the funds we raise for the WY14.

You can help the 14 WILD ones by donating to help buy hay on our website via to , sending a check in the mail to Protect Mustangs, PO Box 5661, Berkeley, Ca. 94705  or by going to this fund-rasing link . GoFundMe takes a % to use their service. These are the only secure ways to donate to feed and help these traumatized young wild horses.

The WY14 are so grateful for your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations to buy hay so they can eat and heal from the trauma of the roundup where they lost their families to slaughter. Please help with a donation today. The WY14 know you care and they are grateful you are helping to feed them.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Founder & Executive Director

Fundraising dollars go to care for wild horses in the outreach program

Thanks to donations for the Outreach Mustangs, Tibet was able to get his feet trimmed.

Good foot care is essential to keep a horse healthy and for youngsters to grow properly. In the wild, mustangs wear their feet down but once they are living in captivity quality foot care is one of the best things you can do for them. Sadly the Bureau of Land Management neglects captive wild horses feet in the pens. We are grateful to be able to give excellent corrective foot care to the wild horses in our Outreach Program.

Every trim is always another learning experience. Today Tibet (Divide Basin, Wyoming) was trimmed for the first time in the big barn at the boarding facility with other horses around in stalls, horses walking in and out and being saddled up and hosed off. His back was facing a lot of the activity so he learned to be OK with that.

Terry Johnson, one of our the farriers, is so patient with young horses and has no prejudice against wild horses. Sadly some farriers think wild horses will be difficult and refuse to work with them. Wild horses are just like green horses once they are gentled.

Tibet is only 2. We saved him a year ago from facing his 3rd Strike and possibly being sold to a kill buyer for $10 in a truckload of wild horses ending up at slaughter.

One hoof trimmed and 3 more to go.

Then he got squirmy so I hand fed him some hay. A lot dropped on the floor. We had to keep his head up so the farrier could work on him without Tibet moving about.

Tibet heard the tractor going to get the hay for dinner and he became more squirmy.

The farrier suggested we give him some alfalfa pellets and boy was Tibet a happy camper! So that’s how we finished the job.

Blondie got a trim also thanks to her sponsor

Blondie was distracted by so much activity in the big barn but the grain worked wonders for her also. Such a great learning experience for Blondie too!

Val and Sol need their feet trimmed next please donate to help the Outreach Mustangs

Val and Sol need sponsors

Contact us if you would like to sponsor Val, Sol or Tibet to be a very special part of their lives and an essential force in our Outreach Program. These Ambassadors are educating many people about the plight of America’s wild horses.

You may also make a one time or monthly donation for the Outreach Mustang Fund that pays for hay, board and trims. We are 100% volunteer non-profit organization with all the money going directly to the wild horses. We donate our time to care, train and engage in outreach with the wild horses in our program.

Right now on Facebook we have a fundraiser for the Fund. You can donate $150 and receive a one of a kind handmade turquoise bracelet as a thank you.

Here is a slide show of Blondie & Tibet during their first turnout after we gentled them.