Gov’t hotshotting wild horses exposed!

Stop the cruel roundups where they hotshot wild horses and burros just because they can. Sign and share the petition!

Meet with your elected officials and ask that they stand up and say NO MORE ABUSE!

Request Mike Pool, BLM Acting Director, shut the Owyhee roundup down. Email: Phone: 202-208-3801

Thank you Stephanie Martin for witnessing the roundup. We are very grateful you were there to document this horror.

Stephanie Martin is making a short film called Wild Horses and was at the Owyhee roundup.

Shining the light on wild horses and burros

Cynthia Smalley in the field. © Cynthia Smalley

We are going to publish a book and make a short film on the wild horse and burro herds that photographers document. The goal is to bring awareness to these herds and shine the light on them.

Visit our Facebook page to post a photo and let us know which herds you document.

Let us know if you want to be included in this project. Email for more information.

100% of the profits will go to help wild horses and burros.

Speaking out about uncounted deaths from the roundup

Old Gold notice pelvis is probably injured. She can’t get up. Whip coming at her. Eyes freaked. Agony! (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved.)

“Dead horses are a result of this roundup fiasco,” states Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs.  “The BLM should have brought wild horses aid (water and feed) for several months to avoid an emergency ‘gather’ during foaling season. Who’s giving the orders to stampede frail wild horses and tiny foals?”

Here is the BLM’s report about the Jackson Mt. roundup:

“Counting the dead from a roundup is basic math,” says Novak. “All the wild horses who died or were killed from lethal injection as a result of the BLM’s Jackson Mountain roundup should be counted as roundup-related deaths. Not counting the dead properly shows the BLM’s lack of transparency.”

“The federal agency wants to make Congress feel the roundups don’t cause many deaths so they skew the numbers to ensure their funding won’t be cut off,” explains Novak. “We request that Congress investigate their erroneous death count.”

We brought up this issue at last winter’s Calico roundup beginning with Old Gold‘s death. Read our position here:

Below is what we said on November 26, 2011.

“So many wild horses die because of roundups yet the BLM does not count the deaths accurately,” explains Anne Novak, Executive Director of the California-based Protect Mustangs. “Congress hears that there is only a 1% death rate at ‘gathers’. We want transparency and accountability for all the deaths at roundups.”

“If a horse is chased by a helicopter for miles and miles, then while in a trap pen terrified with plastic tied on to whips, slammed into a metal panel, next shoved into a trailer and transported to another holding facility and is put down a day or two afterwards—it is related to the roundup,” says Novak.  “If Old Gold had not been rounded up, I bet she would be alive today.”

BLM has done nothing to improve transparency since then. The subterfuge continues . . .

Contact your elected officials and ask them to intervene to make this cruel roundup become transparent with correct death counts.

Thank you for doing what you can do to stop the roundups.

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A film to stop horse slaughter



We are very honored to be sponsoring THE PETITION, directed by Anne Novak, co-produced by Ken Wahl, starring Michael Blake, The Barbi Twins. Donate here to help fund the documentary. Visit the official website  Sign the petition and protect America’s horses.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The French came to Nevada to report on the mustang crisis. At first the director and cameraman believed the BLM but as the shoot played out they saw the truth. I would say the turning point was when the BLM guards and PR people tried to prevent them from filming what they came to film at the roundup. They should have known better. Never infringe on a French person’s liberty. Vivre la France!

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La chasse aux mustangs Vidéo sept-a-huit sélectionnée dans Actualité