Rounded up as a foal, SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) spent 6 years in the captive pens, has 3-Strikes and is for sale!

PM SNOWBUNNIE #2256 From Silver King 3-Strikes

Filthy photo ruined her chance at adoption

SNOWBUNNIE (#2256) was rounded up in 2010 as a foal, separated from her mama, lost her freedom, family and Silver King herd forever. She has been forced to live without shade and shelter in the captive pens for 6 years. After being offered for adoption on the internet with horrible photos she was not “picked” and now she has become a 3-Strikes mustang. She is sale eligible. Just look how filthy SNOWBUNNIE is from living in the captive pens! In the wild she would be clean, happy and living in freedom as mother nature intended.

Now SNOWBUNNIE needs your help to share her post on Facebook, Twitter and by email so she can find a safe forever home. Networking can help her.

She looks willing to connect with people. Keep in mind she has spent most of her life on the other side of the bars from people. Poor baby might have forgot that life can be much better that this.

SNOWBUNNIE looks like an easy keeper and that’s exactly what the Kill-Buyers want. That way they will pay less money on feed to get the maximum dollars per pound at slaughter. This is Urgent! Help SNOWBUNNIE stay away from the KIll-Buyers!

Sex: Mare Age: 6 Years   Height (in hands): 13.1

Necktag #: 2256   Date Captured: 09/25/10

Freezemark: 10612256   Signalment Key: HF1ADAADG

Color: Gray   Captured: Silver King (NV)

Tag-#2256. 6 year old gray mare gathered from the Silver King Herd Management Area in Nevada in September of 2010.

This horse is currently located in Palomino Valley, NV.  For more information, please contact Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

Update August 10: BLM said, “If no bids were placed on an animal in the last internet and a bidder that didn’t get the horse they choose as first pick didn’t decide to take a horse with no bid then those horses with no bids are available for pickup at PVC till August 22. After that date any remaining horses will be put on the next internet adoption. . . horses are available for pick up FROM PVC ONLY we will not ship as the truck is full at this point.”

From Protect Mustangs:

You can help by sharing SNOWBUNNIE’s (#2256) post to find a safe forever home away from slaughter. Share to help save her now!

Together we can turn this around.


Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

Eve (#6458) is for sale by BoLM and needs to get to a safe forever home not slaughter

PM Eve #6458 3 Strike PVC

With 3-Strikes Eve (#6458) from Warm Springs, Nevada will lose her federal protections because of the Burns Amendment and could end up at slaughter. A horse trader could pick her up to flip her to a kill buyer and BoLM would never know.

Eve has a kind eye and looks like with love and patience she will gentle up well.

BLM says:

Sex: Mare Age: 6 Years   Height (in hands): 14

Necktag #: 6458   Date Captured: 12/08/11

Freezemark: 10616458   Signalment Key: HF1AAAABB

Color: Bay   Captured: Warm Springs Canyon (NV)


Tag-#6458. 6 year old bay mare, was gathered from the Warm Springs Canyon Herd Management Area in Nevada in December of 2011 .

This horse is currently located in Palomino Valley, NV.  For more information, please contact Jeb Beck at (775) 475-2222 or e-mail:

This horse is available for sale or adoption with bids staring at $25.00. At the conclusion of the bidding, the successful bidder will inform the BLM if they are purchasing or adopting the animal. If the animal is purchased, not adopted, the successful bidder receives bill of sale to the animal upon completion of payment and final paperwork. If the animal is adopted, the minimum bid must be $125, and the animal is not eligible for title until the one year anniversary.

Pick up options (by appt): Palomino Valley, NV; Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK.

Other pick up options: Ewing, IL (September 3) ; Mequon, WI (September 16); Clemson, SC (September 23); Loxahatchee, FL (September 30); and Murray, KY (October 7).

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized, by e-mail to, no later than Noon Mountain August 4. After this date, all unclaimed animals will be available for in-person walk up adoption/purchase ONLY.

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

Heinous BLM Roundup = Slaughter 4 #Mustangs

Stop the Roundups

URGENT: Sign and share the Petition to Defund the Roundups! This heinous act was funded by American tax dollars


TAKE ACTION! Call and email your senators and rep ASAP. Demand the American wild horses be returned to the American public!

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Free Roaming Wyoming Horses Rounded up by BLM and sold to Canadian Slaughterhouse by Wyoming Livestock Board

No public comment period and no transparency

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (March 31, 2014) – On March 24, The Cloud Foundation received an anonymous tip that BLM had rounded up and removed 41 free-roaming horses from public lands in northern Wyoming.  Further investigation revealed that BLM conducted a helicopter roundup of the horses and turned them over to the Wyoming Livestock Board who sold the horses directly to the Canadian Bouvry Slaughterhouse. The taxpayer-funded roundup was conducted with no notice of sale after the horses were impounded, giving no one the opportunity to step in and negotiate a deal to purchase any of the horses. Even Bighorn County Sheriff, Kenneth Blackburn, was surprised that he received no notification of the roundup, which was conducted in his jurisdiction. The horses were driven to Shelby, Montana, to the Bouvry-owned feedlot, the jumping off point to their Canadian slaughterhouse, the largest slaughterhouse in Canada.

“These were colorful wild horses I spotted several years ago while driving to the Pryor Mountains,” stated  Ginger Kathrens Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “They lived on what we’ve been told was a wild horse Herd Area southeast of the Pryors.” The small, remnant herd roamed a starkly beautiful landscape east of US 310 between Lovell and Greybull, WY. ‘”We stopped to admire them on March 10th on our way back to Colorado.” Kathrens adds. “The sight of these lovely, free-spirited animals, some with their newborn foals, against the backdrop of the snow-covered Bighorn Mountains was glorious. It’s hard to think about the horror they suffered just days later.”

On March 18, only eight days after Kathrens last spotted the horses, the BLM Field Office in Cody, WY supervised their roundup and removal. A BLM spokesperson told a Cloud Foundation representative that the horses would be held at the Worland Livestock Auction for 10 days and then sold.  However, later investigation revealed that the 41 horses rounded up by Cattoor Livestock Company on March 18-19 were delivered to the Worland Livestock Auction for brand inspection. Just a few hours later, once the brand inspection was completed, 37 horses were loaded onto a truck paid for by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and hauled to the Canadian border.

“According to Wyoming, Statute, Title 11, Chapter 24 entitled Agriculture, Livestock and Other Animals, ‘Estray horses rounded up must be held for not more than 10 days before going to auction,'” reported Paula Todd King, Communications Director for the Cloud Foundation. “These horses were rounded up and within hours they were on their way to the border. We found no notice announcing the roundup.”

The history of these horses is debatable. The BLM contends they are not wild, stating that they once belonged to an area rancher who died and his horses have only been in the area for 40 years. However, the Wild Horse and Burro Act (WHB Act) defines a wild horses as an “unclaimed, unbranded horse on federal lands in the United States.” Wyoming brand inspector, Frank Barrett, verified there were no brands of any kind on any of the animals.

Less than a mile from where Kathrens had been observing the horses is the boundary of the “zeroed out” Foster Gulch/Dry Creek Herd Area, designated for wild horse use after the passage of the WHB Act in 1971. “As they have done over a hundred times, the BLM decided not to manage wild horses in the area in 1987,” explains Kathrens. “If the horses have lived in the area for 40 years as BLM states, it is entirely possible that these horses were descendants of the herd eliminated from management in 1987.”

It is clear that these horses have survived for many years on their own, living in wild family bands, and thriving without human intervention.  Conflicting reasons have been given for the timing of this BLM roundup when the horses had newborn foals. BLM indicated that private landowners in the area have complained about horses trespassing on their land.  Sarah Beckwith, BLM spokesperson said that the horses were a threat to public safety – vehicles had killed two horses.  However, after further investigation, TCF found that a train struck one horse 6-8 years ago, and a private vehicle struck another around 5 years ago. Jack Mononi, Supervisory Rangeland Management Specialist for Cody BLM, told Todd-King that if the Agency did not spend the federal dollars by the end of March, the funds would no longer be available.

Kathrens called the Bouvry Exports Shelby facility in an attempt to negotiate purchase of the 37 horses. The woman who answered the phone would not confirm that the horses had arrived in Shelby and told Kathrens that “these horses were rounded up and removed for slaughter and that is where they are going.” Kathrens offered to pay more than the going price and was told that this was not possible. “I was shaking when I got off the phone,” Kathrens said. “To think that this could be happening sickens me.”

Kim Michels of Red Lodge, MT, purchased all that appears to have survived of the small herd, four tiny foals born this year. “We will do all we can to see that these babies not only survive but thrive as a fitting legacy to their lost freedom and their families,” said Michels. The foals were rescued by Stacey Newby, co-owner of the Worland Livestock Auction, who fed and cared for the foals, bottle-feeding the tiniest, a 3-week-old filly. The foals are now in the care of equine veterinarian, Lisa Jacobson, in Colorado.

TCF continues to investigate the legality of what appears to be a carefully planned and executed operation at taxpayer expense. “Was it legal?” Kathrens questions. “It is clear to me that it was not moral and certainly inhumane. I do not believe that American taxpayers want their money spent to roundup and send horses to slaughter.”

Protect Mustangs suggests links of interest™:


Bouvry Investigation:

Cloud Foundation:

Catoor Livestock:

Helicopter roundup gets attention of horse advocates:


Yearling wild filly needs adopter (semi-halter trained)

Cinnamon is a yearling filly #8764. She needs an adopter!

Cinnamon is a yearling filly #8764. She needs an adopter!

UPDATE: Cinnamon has found an adopter! A big thanks to everyone who shared.

Help us find an ADOPTER for Cinnamon (# 8764 yearling wild filly) to save her from getting another STRIKE against her!!! Keep her away from slaughter!

She can be picked up in Florida!

No one has bid on Cinnamon on the internet adoption. WHY isn’t BLM at Palomino Valley promoting her? Why is their adoption program a Marketing FAILURE?

After 3-STRIKES she can be SOLD into the SLAUGHTER Pipeline because The Burns Amendment allows this! She is so young. Please help!!!

Here is the info on Cinnamon according to the BLM:

Sex: Filly Age: 1 Years Height (in hands): 13

Necktag #: 8764 Date Captured: 08/01/12

Color: Sorrel Captured: Desatoya (NV)


#8764 – yearling Sorral Filly, Star gathered August 18, 2012 from NV0606 Desatoya Herd Area, Nevada.

This horse has always been very friendly. She was always the first one to come to the fence to greet the public. Tag# 8764 has been in a pen by herself for two weeks. When we took the pictures on 9/18 she was introduced to her halter, she lipped it for a few minutes and then let us put it on her without any hesatation. She lets us brush her and run our hands down her legs. 8764 has not offered to kick or bite. 8764 is very willing to learn new things. 8764 has not been worked with a lot, she is just a very loving lil filly.

This horse is currently located in Palomino Valley, NV. For more information, please contact Stacy at 775-475-2222, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm or email

CONTACT Anne at 415-531-8454 if you want to adopt her because the BLM fails at placing wonderful wild horses like Cinnamon and we don’t want to see her get 3-Strikes and be SOLD to an alleged KILL BUYER!!!

PICK UP options (by appt): Palomino Valley, NV; Salt Lake, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Piney Woods, MS, Mequon, WI.

Other pick up options: Okeechobee, FLORIDA (Jan 10).

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized no later than Nov 22. After this date, all unclaimed animals will be available for in-person walk up adoption only. Here is her page at BLM:

Adoption info: Applications will be accepted starting November 4, 2013 and will close at noon on November 18.

You are only required to keep the wild horse in high fencing until they are halter gentled. Then they can go with other horses in more regular settings. CALL Anne if you are getting BLM Red Tape.

We want to make it easy for you to adopt a wonderful horse. Cinnamon is already a little bit halter gentled. She will make a great friend. She is as cute as a button and just needs someone to love her.

Please email your Senators and Representative asking them to investigate the broken wild horse and burro adoption program. Thank you for helping Cinnamon. She is one of 50,000 American wild horses at-risk of ending up at probable slaughter.

A Big Thank You to Daryl Hannah for spreading the word about Cinnamon!