Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in Freedom


This petition is going to the US Senate, the US House of Representative and the President of the United States

On September 9, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board voted to kill the alleged 45,000 wild horses in tax-payer funded holding facilities and pastures. Do they want to cover-up the fraud that has been going on for years by killing the evidence?

Taxpayers and the general public want to know:

  • How much fraud has been committed regarding the wild horse and burro count on public land and in corrals?
  • How many budgets were approved using fraudulent information?
  • How many wild horses have gone to slaughter?
  • How many wild horses and burros have been shot and killed?
  • How many unbranded foals did the kill-buyers get to sell overseas?

We request an immediate Congressional investigation and independent head count, with photo IDs, of the alleged 45,000 wild horses and burros rounded up and held in captivity–at taxpayer expense.

In addition, we call for an immediate moratorium on roundups, transport and removals for a precise independent count, with photo ID, of all the federally protected wild horses and burros in the wild. This must occur before any more wild horses or burros are rounded up and/or transported, trapped, chipped, collared, removed, sterilized, given pesticide PZP, GonaCon®, SpayVac®, IUDs, etc., researched or experimented on in any manner to prevent further fraud against taxpayers as well as prevent abuse against wild horses and burros who should be protected from harassment and abuse by law.
We request a complete inventory of the wild horses and burros at the following locations:

  1. Every Herd Management Area
  2. Every Herd Area
  3. Every “Complex”
  4. Every temporary holding facility
  5. Every short-term holding facility
  6. Every long-term holding facility, pasture, eco-sanctuary, etc.
  7. Mustang Heritage Foundation facilities and all equids in their program
  8. TIP Trainers’ facilities
  9. All private contractors’ facilities
  10. Research facilities
  11. Any other locations where wild horses and burros are held in captivity and/or live on public land.

The public, voters of America and taxpayers are outraged and demand immediate action. Thank you.

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Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

BLM lacks transparency, shouts FOIA and thwarts citizen placement of 3-Strike wild horses

What is BLM hiding?

The Alliance for Wild Horses and Burros, made up of dedicated wild horse advocates and organizations, is working to place BLM’s 3-Strike wild horses in private care to end the drain on the budget.

When Anne Novak from Protect Mustangs, asked which wild horses and burros were 3-strikers at Palomino Valley Center, BLM staff tells her to file a FOIA to get the basic information that should be made readily available to the public. After all there are only 260 wild equids left at the facility.

Has the BLM made a special multi-million dollar deal with the Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) paying them to take the 3-Strikers and if so why are they hiding it?

Just for a point of reference, keep these figures in mind: 2000 wild horses x $2000 each if paid to the Mustang Heritage Foundation to take them = $4 million

PM PVC Questions FOIA 3-Strikers FB

PM How Many 3-Strikers at PVC Told To FOIA

PM Question How Many 3-strikers at PVC July 2 2016

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.