Biased press reports ignore public comment against roundups, PZP, GonaCon®, sterilization, livestock damage and killing

Cross-posted from the Elko Free Press for educational purposes Advisory board suggests recommendations to the BLM by FALLON GODWIN-BUTLER Fallon Godwin-Butler, Elko Daily Free Press Ben Masters, left, Dr. Robert Copeland and Dr. Julie Weikel discuss working group recommendations … Continue reading

GonaCon™ — To Be Used against Wild Horses — An Overview

GonaCon™ is an EPA-registered, immuno-contraceptive pesticide.  Its classification is “restricted-use” due to “non-target injection hazard.”  EPA warns that “pregnant women should not be involved in handling or injecting GonaCon and that all women should be aware that accidental self-injection may … Continue reading

Thousands of cows are dumped on the Antelope Complex in 2011 where the GONACON™ EXPERIMENT on the Water Canyon herd left 22 lab animals today

From the fabulous videographer: This video was taken at the BLM Antelope Complex “Gather” south of Wells, NV on 24-Feb-2011.  We had just come from observing the BLM Contract capture 6 Wild Horse about 4 miles away. They said that there … Continue reading

Official request to end GonaCon™ Experiment and others

——– Original Message ——– Subject: Official request to stop experiments on Water Canyon wild horses and others From: <> Date: Thu, January 28, 2016 6:30 pm To:,, “Tom Gorey” <>,,, Dear Sirs, The public is … Continue reading

Scandal Unfolds: Rare Water Canyon foals are up for adoption before the Gonacon™ experiment wrecks havoc in the herd

We are updating this page so check back for more information as the scandal unfolds. Updates are being posted towards the bottom. Save the young victims of the cruel experiment! Wild foals captured from the Water Canyon portion of the Antelope Herd Management … Continue reading

WARNING: Wipe-Out Plan Exposed!

Traitors of the cause? Are the big money animal and wild worse non-profit organizations in bed with BLM, Big AG, Cattlemen, the Farm Bureau, etc. to push for huge roundups and removals of wild horses and population control based on … Continue reading

Investigate the Wild Horse & Burro Count in Captivity and in Freedom

Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in the Wild Sign and share the petition for a head count! Click here: The BLM’s outrageous plan to manage America’s last wild … Continue reading

Is the Concocted Wild Horse Crisis based on Fraud?

  Read Marybeth Devlin’s opposition to the proposed Antelope and Triple B Roundup Via email: August 21, 2017 BLM Elko District Office 3900 Idaho Street Elko, NV 89801 Attn: Marc Jackson, Wells Field Manager   Project: Antelope / Triple … Continue reading

RED ALERT: Get Comments into BLM against roundup of 6,700 wild horses

Keep them in the wild and safe from slaughter! YOU can help STOP the proposed ROUNDUP of 6,700 Wild Horses living in northeast Nevada! #TakeAction Get your comments in against the Roundup, Against PZP, Gonacon, Sterilizations, Give wild horses their … Continue reading

BREAKING: Is BLM or Pesticide PZP at the root of stalking, coercion and threats?

(Unedited version: check back here as we are editing this post now) I have my right to free speech and to educate the public so they can make their own informed decisions. I should not be bullied, stalked, harassed, coerced, … Continue reading