Holiday Hay Drive for Wild Horses Rescued from the Slaughterhouse

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Christmas is this week and 2014 is about to end. The 14 young wild horses, known as the WY14, who were rescued from the slaughterhouse yard last spring, will need another semi-load of hay in the barn to ensure they will have hay during the big winter storms. They have already gone through 1/3 of the Thanksgiving semi-load. Now they will be eating more than before because they need extra hay when it’s freezing and snowy outside to stay warm, especially since their mamas are gone. All the WILD horses in their herd over the age of 2 were slaughtered after BLM’s stealth Wyoming roundup in March 2014. They went straight to auction–were purchased by the infamous Canadian slaughterhouse–quickly butchered and sold in plastic packaged pieces to be eaten in foreign countries.

This is the WY14’s first winter alone. . .

Please help the orphans get their Holiday semi-load of hay before the end of 2014. Tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated to HELP the wild horses get 25 tons of hay (a semi-load) plus delivery and fees. California hay prices are outrageous and only go up as winter pounds on.

The 14 traumatized wild youngsters need tax-deductible donations totaling $6499. for their End of the Year Hay Drive. Here is the link to the fundraiser: The Andean Tapir Fund is our fiscal sponsor while our 501c3 is in the works. We are 100% volunteer. All donations will help the WY14 stay warm and heal from the trauma of losing their families.

Thank you for helping the WILD orphans and caring about them. They are forever grateful for your aid and prayers through this hard time.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director


Fundraising for Wild Horses and Our Long Term Goals

Ghost Dancer Oct 2014

Dear Donor,

One of the reasons why we are fundraising on an open platform at GoFundMe and is to provide transparency and education. Your donations are tax-deductible as well. Our transparency is important and crowd funding encourages transparency. We also accept donations via PayPal to Contact@Protect Most people have no idea how much is really being donated to orgs and how much the true cost is to feed and care for rescued wild horses for example.

Out on public land it costs basically nothing to have wild horses and burros because they are part of the eco-system and fill their niche. It’s important to fight for their freedom to live in the wild.

Our plan is to create a sustainable eco-sanctuary where the the wild horses can graze and we can grow hay for the winter. The WY14 will be allowed to live in sanctuary and to be observed by visitors, students, artists, veterans, etc. They will only be minimally gentled to provide foot care and other care as needed but otherwise left in peace. The other wild horses in our Outreach Program are Ambassadors that interface with the public in a hands on way and will go to events to champion and encourage wild horse adoption as well as bust prejudice against WILD horses.

Val for example has already dispelled many myths to a lot of DVMs and vet students at UC Davis. It’s beautiful to watch it happen. Maybe now some of those people will think slaughtering wild horses is a bad idea because they met Val.

We are a national nonprofit organization based in California. Donations made directly to us via or by mail to Protect Mustangs, PO Box 5661, Berkeley, Ca. 94705 should be tax-deductible retroactively as we are filing with the IRS in 2014. Meanwhile the Andean Tapir Fund (501c3) is our fiscal sponsor while ours is in the works. When we have our own 501c3 status then we will start a fundraising campaign to create the ecosanctuary. In the meantime we need to feed, board, train and care for the wild horses in our program. We are 100% volunteer–no salaries. Your tax-deductible donations are going to the wild horses in our program.

Hay is extremely expensive and the only power we have to get a better rate is if we buy semi truck loads. We haven’t been able to raise that kind of money so we buy it in blocks of 30 bales or less at a time. Most rescues and sanctuaries are struggling with hay prices so high. For example, in the SF Bay Area hay retails for $25 a bale. In Reno the hay is cheaper. We always are sourcing out better prices to stretch out donor dollars.

We are not funded by corporations, oil, gas or big pharma so we have no conflicts of interest. We can speak out without any hidden agenda. Read this week’s Washington Post article to see how we often champion to the voiceless wild horses:

We are here for the wild horses, period. We are a dynamic org and we need more volunteers so let me know if you would like to help : )

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs

(Photo of Ghost Dancer taken in October 2014)

Help Save the Wild Horse Pasture!

PM Lennox meme

Dear Friends of Wild Horses and Burros,

We have been using the East Bay dry pasture since 2011 for the wild horses in our outreach program, Blondie, Tibet, Val & Sol who were at risk of going to slaughter after being rounded up by the BLM. We rotate them in and out according to training needs and funding to board them at a training facility since we don’t have our own. This is a way we cut costs and stretch dollars.

Right now Blondie and Tibet are there. Val and Sol will come back to join them once Val has healed from his injury. It’s a wonderful place with trees, bushes, birds and quiet only 45 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

When Lennox (Fort McDermitt roundup and slaughter auction rescue Aug 2013) gets some sponsors we can bring him over to the pasture. We have worked with trainers who have helped halter-gentle him so as long as we can catch him, he is ready to come to the pasture. Lennox hasn’t been outside a corral since he was caught in the brutal BLM McDermitt roundup where most of the stallions went to slaughter.

Above is a photo of Lennox taken 2 weeks after the slaughter auction. He had several horrible wounds from being shoved in the trucks with the studs who beat him up. He had a huge bloody gash on his face above his left eye. We took care of him and he only has a subtle scar left on his forehead.

The day Lennox comes will be a beautiful moment to set him free on 14 acres. It will fill his soul as it does for all the wild horses who come to this natural pasture. The WY14 will love it too! But none of this will happen if we lose the pasture.

Please help with a tax-deductible donation today. Here is the link to the fundraiser to email to friends and share on social media.

Send us an email if you would like to sponsor a wild horse and be a special part of their life. Our address is

Thank you for caring so much. The wild horses know they have helpers out there like you and are grateful.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

Are America’s native wild horses ending up as sashimi and ice cream?

Herd Was Slaughtered

Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

I didn’t know horses could end up slaughtered and used to flavor ice cream until today. They call it BASASHI ICE and it sells in Japan. YUCK!

In 2010, during field work in Nevada, I learned foals were being live-shipped over to Asia to be slaughtered for “fresh foal sashimi”. The BLM was not keeping good records of wild horses and there was talk that many were being sold out the back door from BLM holding facilities to kill-buyers. This was before the Tom Davis story was exposed. . .

Today the BLM claims they “don’t sell wild horses to slaughter” even though several members of their advisory board want them to. The truth is they still do sell wild horses to middlemen who buy “sale authority” mustangs. Citizens need to unite to bust this wide open.

Thanks to the WY14 incident we now know the BLM rounds up wild horses for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture who sells wild horses at auction to Canadian slaughterhouses. And those American icons are butchered and consumed abroad as a delicacy such as sashimi and ice cream!

As you know the WY14 were rescued after going to the slaughterhouse feedlot, hauled out to California and need ongoing donations for hay to grow strong so they can heal from all the trauma.

The last load of hay from all the money we raised has been eaten up and hay prices are going up in California. It’s expensive to feed the 14 orphans. Our goal to to create a sustainable eco-sanctuary in 2015 with grazing but until then they need your help to eat.

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation here makes a difference so they can eat and grow. Please donate today and please share this fundraiser on Facebook, twitter and via email. You can also go to our homepage to make a hay donation:

Feeding them is helping them. . . If they had been left alone with their families to live in freedom they wouldn’t need your help but now that they have lost their freedom and have no more family members over the age of 2–because they were all slaughtered–they really need your help.

The WY14 are grateful you care. Thank you.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

Urgent: Need hay to feed young wild horses rescued from slaughterhouse


Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

We must get more hay for the 14 rescued orphans from Wyoming (WY14) to eat this week so I want you to know that your donations are SO NEEDED to keep the young rescued wild horses from feeling hungry.

Please share the TAX-DEDUCTIBLE fundraiser widely ( or donate directly on our website. It takes a village to care for these wild horses after the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used taxpayer funds to pay for pricey and cruel roundups and the State of Wyoming sold them to a Canadian slaughterhouse to be butchered, packaged and eaten abroad.

Left in the wild, they cost virtually nothing, heal the land and live in freedom for the public to enjoy anytime they can find them. After the roundups some lucky ones are saved but many disappear. . .

Sadly all the wild horses over three-years-old from the WY14’s herd were slaughtered at the Canadian plan to be eaten abroad as a “delicacy”. The WY14 were being fattened up in the feedlot surely to be live shipped to Asia to become foal sashimi. Expensive foal meat is pink whereas the pricey meat from 3-year-olds and up is dark red. That’s the only reason the WY14 were still alive when we found them and rescued them.


Basashi Sushi (Horse Meat)

We are a 100% volunteer organization with no salaries. We give all we can. The WY14 need help to buy hay for them to eat. When you donate, you are providing direct aid to keep them fed so they won’t starve.

With your help we can make sure the WY14 are well fed and taken care of. Together we will honor the native herd that was brutalized and slaughtered by taking care of the 14 young orphans eventually in an eco-sanctuary.

As of September 26th, all the money raised up until that point has been spent. Hay prices are outrageous and are going to get worse this winter. This is becoming a dire situation. The WY14 need your help today!

© Cynthia Smalley, all rights reserved

The WY14 know they have angels out there like you, helping them. . . They need everyone’s prayers to heal from the trauma of the roundup and loss of their families. It was brutal and their healing will take a long time.

Please help the WY14 with a hay donation today. Thank you for your kindness and compassion for the 14 innocents who have been so traumatized. God bless you!

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Tel: 415.531.8454

PS: Remember Sharing is Caring <3

California drought sends hay prices soaring (Associated Press)

WY14 are being scammed! Help them get hay

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

URGENT ALERT: We have been told there are other sites on the internet who seem to be fraudulently asking for donations for the 14 young wild horses (WY14) Protect Mustangs rescued from the slaughterhouse.

We believe more than 100K people have been directed to donate to the wrong website . . . and as a result, the WY14 are being scammed. We noticed donations for the WY14 decrease dramatically after their first 45 days in California.

As of August 17, the WY14 moved from a layover ranch north of Reno to another ranch in northern California. Protect Mustangs has always paid for their hay, vet and their other costs made possible by donations. The previous ranch was authorized to have a GoFundMe to pay for $600. a month board for 2 months, then we paid for their board until we moved them out. We are sure that the ranch where they reside now is honorable and not asking for donations for the WY14.

How can some people scam on these young innocent orphans who lost their place in the world, their freedom, and lost their families to slaughter?

Because of a severe drop in donations, the WY14 desperately need hay donations right now!

Hay prices have skyrocketed. . . All the money previously raised for their hay costs since their arrival from the slaughterhouse feedlot May 26th has been spent on hay with nothing left. We hope you will understand that we need to wait to print and mail out thank you gifts because first the WY14 needs to eat. We will get thank you gifts out when we have stabilized their hay situation.

Protect Mustangs is a California non profit organization and is in the process of getting a 501c3. Your donations directly to us should be retroactive. Meanwhile we are sponsored by the Andean Tapir Fund to ensure 501c3 tax-deductible status. We receive ONLY the funds we raise for the WY14.

You can help the 14 WILD ones by donating to help buy hay on our website via to , sending a check in the mail to Protect Mustangs, PO Box 5661, Berkeley, Ca. 94705  or by going to this fund-rasing link . GoFundMe takes a % to use their service. These are the only secure ways to donate to feed and help these traumatized young wild horses.

The WY14 are so grateful for your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donations to buy hay so they can eat and heal from the trauma of the roundup where they lost their families to slaughter. Please help with a donation today. The WY14 know you care and they are grateful you are helping to feed them.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Founder & Executive Director

Help feed young wild horses, rescued from the slaughterhouse ~ Winter is coming!

Dear friends of Wild Horses,

Please help the 14 Dry Creek wild orphans (WY14) ages 10 months to 2 years old who Mark Boone Junior and Anne Novak saved from the slaughterhouse. The Canadian slaughterhouse was holding them in their Montana feedlot before shipping the young wild horses by air to be slaughtered abroad and eaten as an expensive delicacy.

The WY14 were brutally chased by choppers into traps near Greybull, Wyoming. Terrified, their herd of 41 mustangs was quickly sold at auction. 4 foals were saved at the auction and are in the care of another group. All the other horses were purchased to be slaughtered. The Canadian slaughterhouse purchased the WY14 and took them to their feedlot but before slaughtering them but we negotiated them out of hell and to safety. Sadly before we got involved, 23 of their family members were slaughtered in Canada quickly after the auction–everyone age 3 and up. . .

You can help the traumatized WY14 with a tax-deductible hay donation. They eat so much that we need to gather funds again to buy a large quantity of hay to keep the price down. Hay is really expensive out West because of the drought. Prices are rising quickly and will skyrocket this winter. For this reason we must fill the barn with several truckloads now.

All direct tax-deductible donations made through or by mail means the money is going directly to feed and care for the horses. We are sponsored by the Andean Tapir Fund while our own 501c3 is in the works so your donations are tax-deductible.

This is the first time any wild horses have been rescued after being owned by and in possession of the actual slaughterhouse. Here is an article in Horseback Magazine about the rescue. Please help these youngster survivors so they can honor all the wild horses who have been slaughtered over the years.

Please share this fundraiser to raise the hay money. Together we can keep the WY14 fed and cared for while they heal from the trauma of the ruthless roundup that ended with their families being slaughtered. This winter is going to be very cold and they will need enough hay to keep warm so they don’t get skinny. Please help the today.

Our goal is to create an eco-sanctuary for the WY14 so you can come visit wild horses living in peace and harmony with nature. We are currently looking for suitable land for grazing to cut down the high cost of hay and make the eco-sanctuary sustainable. In the meantime we need to feed them good hay that is trucked in.

The WY14 need your help today. Please help with a donation and email this letter to your friends and family so the youngsters can get hay to eat.

Good hay helps them heal and grow strong. The 14 wild youngsters are so grateful for your caring support and help.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director



Breaking: 2 wild horses killed at roundup–7 year old mare and yearling filly

Dear Friends of Wild Horses, This is hard news to announce. . . The BLM has rounded up 101 wild horses in Blawn Wash, Utah. Today thirty-one wild horses were rounded up–10 studs, 15 mares and 6 foals. 2 American wild horses were killed. Here is the death report according to BLM:

  • 7-year-old sorrel mare came in with a super enlarged right hock. The vet evaluated the injury and said that the hock had been broken for some time and had healed. Her leg was deformed, irregular hoof wear and hip protruding.
  • 1-year-old grey filly ran into a corral panel at the temporary holding facility dying on impact.

Here are the text messages between me and the BLM’s PR agent:      

I never received any photos of the 2 wild horses and we know BLM documents the wild horses at the roundups.

The BLM’s roundup report is here:

Politicians who want to get public land transferred to their state pushed for this roundup. They went all the way to Washington to convince elected officials that wild horses were starving and ruining the range despite the fact that cattle outnumber them more than 50 to 1 and the wild horses are healthy and fat. . .

These are the same politicians who are pushing for the Wild Horse Oversight Act, H.R. 5058 to let the states manage them and be able to ‘dispose of’ federally protected wild horses as they choose.

They want American wild horses ripped off public land in what seems to be retaliation for the Bundy Ranch incident and because local politicians have a deep conflict of interest favoring livestock grazing. They are trying to scapegoat range damage on wild horses when livestock is the culprit.

Elected officials in Utah have threatened to take the matter into their own rogue hands, round up native wild horses, kill them or sell them to slaughter! They don’t realize wild horses have a right to live on public land and grazing livestock is only a privilege. Their sense of entitlement to federal lands has warped their perspective.

Despite public outcry against the proposed roundup, BLM buckled under pressure and started chasing wild horses with helicopters on Monday. . . On day three, legendary wild horses are killed because of the roundup.

Roundups are cruel.

In March 2014, 37 Wyoming wild horses were sold to a Canadian slaughterhouse–after the BLM’s Dry Creek roundup–to be killed for human consumption. We saved 14  youngsters we call the WY14 but sadly 23 herd members were slaughtered before we got involved.

In August 2013, many wild horses were sold to kill-buyers after the brutal Fort McDermitt roundup . . .

Then there is Tom Davis who wasn’t able to account for the more than 1,700 wild horses the BLM sold and delivered to him for only $10 a head after the roundups.

The public wants an immediate moratorium on roundups for recovery and management studies. BLM’s roundups and removals have increased the birthrate because native horses fear extinction when their population drops too low. Wild horses are not overpopulated on public land. If anything they are so underpopulated their genetic variability is at risk.

Please share this post with your friends and family so they can learn the truth about how the feds are spending their tax dollars to harass American wild horses with helicopters and scare them to their death or kill them after they have been trapped.

Pray for America’s wild horses. We need a miracle for them to survive corrupt politics surrounding public land. May the mare and yearling filly who died today rest in peace . . . forever running free.

In sadness,

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Anne Novak on Twitter:
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Links of interest™:

Help feed the special needs wild horses Protect Mustangs has rescued from roundups: and read about the WY14 here:

Princeton University Wildlife and cows can be partners, not enemies, in search for food:

Bundy Ranch:

Wild Horse Oversight Act:

Facebook post:

#MustangMonday begins 3 days of action for wild horses

© Cynthia Smalley, all rights reserved

Young Wyoming wild horses rescued by Protect Mustangs from the slaughterhouse feedlot after a BLM roundup in March 2014 (Photo © Cynthia Smalley, all rights reserved.)

Three actions to take before Congress goes on summer break July 31st.

1.) Call and fax your county commissioners to request they stop supporting the resolution pushed through the national NACO meeting to give the states the ability to manage federally protected wild horses and “dispose” of them . Politely let them know you will hold them accountable if wild horses are killed or slaughtered and the states have a heinous history of “taking care of wild horses.” Explain that livestock is causing range damage because cattle and sheep outnumber wild horses more than 50 to 1. Let them know people in all states across the country enjoy wild horses and as a federally protected animal–they belong to everyone. Request a written response from your county commissioners.

2.) Call and fax your representative to politely insist they stop Chris Stewart’s (R-UT) Wild Horse Oversight Act of 2014, H.R. 5058 from gaining any momentum in the House. Explain to them that the Act is misleading and would allow states to dispose of federally protected wild horses by killing them or selling them to slaughter. Request a written response from your representative.

3.) Call and Fax your 2 senators and representative the Declaration by Llyod Eisenhauer, former BLM manager, who states the pending Wyoming Checkerboard Roundup appears to be in violation of the law. Ask your elected officials to stop the Checkerboard Roundup scheduled to begin August 20th. Request a written response from your elected officials.

Contact us with any questions via email to

Links of interest™: 

Contact Congress:

Roundup abuse footage:

Defund the Roundups Petition:

Wild Horse Oversight Act of 2014, H.R. 5058

NACo passes horse resolution

Former BLM manager declares Wyoming roundup appears to be in violation of the law

An American writes to the BLM against helicopter roundups in Wyoming

Dangerous bill puts America’s wild horses at risk of slaughter

Associated Press (viral) Bill seeks to allow states to manage wild horses

Dangerous bill puts America’s wild horses at risk of slaughter

©Cynthia Smalley


Dear Friends of Wild horses and burros,

It’s bad when the BLM holds captive mustangs with no shade or shelter but if we all don’t rally quickly to stop a misleading bill in Congress, we could witness America’s cherished wild horses being sold to slaughter by the thousands instead of being held captive in holding pens or living in freedom as the law intended–safe from harassment and slaughter.

You probably have witnessed what happens when the states “manage” wild horses. . . In the case of the 41 wild horses from Dry Creek, Wyoming, 37 were sold to the Canadian slaughterhouse. We are so grateful to have rescued 14 youngsters (8mo-2 yrs) who were all going to be butchered for human consumption abroad.

Below is an Associated Press article that is going viral this weekend while the National Association of Counties is meeting in New Orleans. The Utah Commissioners are trying to get a joint resolution backed which would put American wild horses at-risk of being killed and slaughtered to “dispose of them.” Of course the politicians don’t pitch it this way. No . . . they cover that part up and make their resolution and their legislation look like it has animal welfare in mind. You can see the bill below.

Let’s hope this article shines the light on their sinister plans. It’s time to fight for the protection of wild horses.

Bill seeks to allow states to manage wild horses
By Martin Griffith, Associated Press

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A Utah congressman has introduced legislation to allow Western states and American Indian tribes to take over management of wild horses and burros from the federal government.

Rep. Chris Stewart said the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has mismanaged the animals on public rangelands and states should have the option of managing them.

An overpopulation of horses is pushing cattle off the range, the Republican lawmaker said, and leading to the destruction of important habitat for native species.

“States and tribes already successfully manage large quantities of wildlife within their borders,” Stewart said in a statement. “If horses and burros were under that same jurisdiction, I’m confident that new ideas and opportunities would be developed to manage the herds more successfully than the federal government.”

But Anne Novak, executive director of California-based Protect Mustangs, said her group opposes the legislation because it would lead to states and tribes killing the animals or selling them off for slaughter for human consumption.

The government is rounding up too many mustangs while allowing livestock to feed at taxpayer expense on the same rangeland scientists say is being overgrazed, she said.

“We’ve had firsthand experience with states and tribes managing wild horses, and it’s horribly cruel,” Novak said in a statement. “They ruthlessly remove wild horses and sell them to kill-buyers at auction. Severe animal abuse would be the result of the (legislation).”

The Bureau of Land Management says it’s doing all it can, given budget constraints, overflowing holding pens and a distaste for the politically unpopular options of either ending the costly roundups or slaughtering excess horses.

The bill’s introduction comes at a time when the bureau has been under increasing pressure from ranchers to remove horses that they say threaten livestock and wildlife on rangelands already damaged by drought.

In Utah, Iron County commissioners had threatened to gather up hundreds of mustangs themselves, saying the government refuses to remove enough horses in herds that double in size every five years.

Iron County Commissioner Dave Miller said he and commissioners from Utah’s Beaver and Garfield counties are trying to drum up support for a resolution in support of the legislation at the National Association of Counties annual conference in New Orleans, which ends Monday.

“The resolution will be instrumental in getting Chris Stewart’s bill through Congress because it shows support across the nation,” he told The Spectrum of St. George, Utah.

Stewart said his Wild Horse Oversight Act would extend all protections that horses and burros enjoy under the federal Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 while giving states the opportunity of implementing their own management plans.

Under the bill, the states could form cooperative agreements to manage herds that cross over borders, and the federal government would continue to monitor horses and burros to ensure that population numbers as prescribed by the 1971 act are maintained.

The bureau estimates 40,600 of the animals — the vast majority horses — roam free on bureau-managed rangelands in 10 Western states. The population exceeds by nearly 14,000 the number the agency has determined can exist in balance with other public rangeland resources and uses.

Some 49,000 horses and burros removed from the range are being held in government-funded short- and long-term facilities.

# # #

Cross-posted from the San Francisco Chronicle for educational purposes:

Please share this news with your friends and help with a donation to feed and care for the WY14 and the other wild horses in our Outreach Program here:

Hear a commissioner spin his pitch while interviewed on a friendly radio station in Utah:

Take action and contact your county commissioners and all your elected officials to request they do not support rogue commissioners in Utah and ask that they do not support the individual states managing wild horses because it would put them at risk of slaughter.

Now is the time to stand up and fight for the voiceless!  Together we can turn this around.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

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